Tips On How To Share A Bed

The unwritten rules of sharing a bed.

Sharing can be fun, but it depends what we are sharing. I mean, you want an Oreo? A slice of pizza? No worries. But when it comes to sharing space — personal space — things can get a bit tense with most people.

“I’m great at sharing,” is definitely a lie we tell the people close to us because for a lot of people sharing isn’t as easy as we think. One of the things that is hardest to share is a bed.

Whether it’s sharing a bed with your bae or your bestie, there is certainly a way to calmly and cordially make it through the night without one of you ending up on the hardwood or the coach.

Cooperative co-sleeping has some unspoken rules that you should live by.

the close-sleeper

Ugh. This one is tricky because sure, we all love a tight hug from someone cuddled up in the sheets, but if you’re like me, this ‘hug’ feels more like a claustrophobic cage. If you happen to be a close-sleeper, try and strategically wiggle a bit of a gap between you and your sleeping buddy, that way any awkward “can you get away from me” conversations are avoided.

tug of war

Out of a pair, there is bound to be one person who is a sheet hog. If that’s you, make sure you have a second blanket at the end of the bed or somewhere within the reach of your soon-be-freezing bed-buddy. This particular habit is like snoring — hard to break — so try to be patient if you’re the one who’s left in the cold.

a bed is for sleeping

There is nothing more infuriating than lying down to sleep and turning over to see the person beside you watching their Snapchat stories. If you want to read or check emails quickly, go for it, but as for TV, video, or anything loud and potentially distracting, be kind and wait until dawn.

deal with the breathing and or snoring

And if you partner snores (bless your soul) do your best to move past the snoring and try to remember how much you love that person…try really hard. This one is a hard habit to break, so be patient, and if worst comes to worst, wake them up and pretend you didn’t mean to, it works every time.


Everyone loves snuggling with their furry friend in bed, but when you’re sharing a bed with a human friend and a pet friend, it can get a bit too cozy if you know what I mean. If your partner isn’t the most fond of animals, let’s try and not make the bed a dog bed. Put your dog, cat, or hamster if that’s your thing back into its crate at night, you bed buddy with thank you for it.

wake-up etiquette

When waking up, try and be quiet. Avoiding turning on the biggest, brightest lights, and if you can just use a lamp or if you’re really kind, your phone flashlight, your sleeping buddy will greatly appreciate it. If you make a smoothie every morning, try and make them in the evening so you don’t have to blast the blender at 6am, it’s also kind to use headphones if you want to listen to music. These things will all help keep the peace and make your morning truly glorious.



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