The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Toronto


For the short moment that the cherry blossoms are blooming in Toronto, we’ll all get a brief pop of colourful beauty, which is why everyone flocks to see them before they are gone again.

When the city begins to see blossoming is dependent on weather, however, they typically start to arrive towards the end of April. Official cherry blossom season is end of April to early May says High Park Nature Centre. You can also keep track of their progress with a blossom tracker here!

Check out these five locations for the best cherry blossom watching around the city!

High Park

During the onset of spring, High Park becomes a magnet for many visitors drawn to come see the enchanting cherry blossoms. Your optimal timing for a visit would be in late April or early May to fully appreciate their beauty. As of late March, they’re currently in their stage 1 of the bloom development process. Wait a few weeks and you’ll witness the park transform!

Where to find them: 1873 Bloor Street West, Toronto

John P. Robarts Library

Do you prefer a quieter and more peaceful surrounding? U of T’s Robarts Library is the perfect spot to see the cherry blossoms but also avoid the crowds. You’ll soon start to see them at the corner of Huron Street and Harbord Street, lining the walking path. Plus, they’re close to Queen’s Park!

Where to find them: 130 St George St, Toronto

Trinity Bellwoods Park

This 36 acre public park is a popular spot for friends to gather, socialize, have picnics, other fun activities. Soon, you can add cherry blossoms to the list! Catch the cherry blossom views with the CN Tower as a stunning backdrop for those instagram-worthy photo-ops!

Where to find them: 790 Queen St W, Toronto

Exhibition Place

Keep your eyes open for these secret spots including Administrative Building, Bandshell Park, Liberty Grand, and Princess Margaret Fountain at the Exhibition Place for their upcoming blossoms! See their full map here on their website for all the locations on their ground maps.

Where to find them: 100 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto

Woodbine Park

Did you know Woodbine Park will have cherry blossoms too? Their Cherry trees will line the winding path alongside the pond, creating a picturesque tunnel of blossoms. Paved pathways to the trees are available for easy access with TTC service nearby.

Where to find them: 1695 Queen St E, Toronto

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