Get Locked In With Your Date at Toronto’s Most Thrilling Escape Rooms

An exhilarating date idea that will not only entertain but challenge you and your date

Here’s an idea if you’re looking to add some excitement and adventure to your next date night out and about in Toronto: escape rooms!

They offer an immersive and interactive experience where you and your partner can put your problem-solving skills to the test, work as a team, and enjoy an adrenaline-pumping adventure together.

Toronto has a wide variety of rooms to choose from so let’s take a closer look at 10 of the best escape rooms in the city:


Omescape is a staple in the escape room industry, offering cutting-edge technology and captivating storytelling. Transport yourself to a different era as you solve intricate puzzles and uncover hidden secrets. One of their popular games is “The Penitentiary,” where you and your date will find yourselves trapped in a maximum-security prison. Work together to escape the cells, outsmart the guards, and make a thrilling prison break.

Locations (2): 7501 Woodbine Ave (Markham); 1187 Kennedy Rd (Scarborough)


At TRAPPED, get ready to be transported to various scenarios, each with its unique challenges. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, cracking codes in a spy-themed adventure, or solving a murder mystery, TRAPPED has something for every couple’s taste. A recommended room to try is “Chaos Effect,” where it’s no longer just about escaping a room, but finding out the real purpose after entering in this ultimate science fiction adventure.

Locations (4): 3130 Hwy 7 East (Markham); 16655 Yonge Street (Newmarket); 2273 Dundas St W (Mississauga); 60 Winges Rd (Vaughan)

Mayze Games

Mayze Games takes the escape room experience to the next level by combining reality and virtual elements. Their games blend physical puzzles with advanced technology from the virtual reality arcade, incorporated into some of their rooms, making for an extraordinary adventure. One of their standout games is “The Truth of Osaka High,” where your mission is to enter an abandoned school at night to investigate and find the truth about your missing friend, Aya.

Location: 2210 Markham Rd

Escape Games

If you appreciate classic escape room challenges, Escape Games is a must-visit. With multiple themed rooms, you can choose from various experiences including thrilling action scenarios and heart-pounding horror adventures. Test your courage in “Pathogen,” where you and your date must break through Talon headquarters and travel to the 300th floor to steal the deadly pathogen housed there.

Location: 15 Kodiak Crescent

Daydream Adventures

Daydream Adventures brings fantasy and wonder to the world of escape rooms. Immerse yourself in whimsical settings and creative storytelling that will ignite your imagination. Try “Dream Portal,” where you and your date will solve riddles while discovering an enchanted forest that’s home to mysterious spirits.

Location: 1803 Danforth Ave

Escape Manor

If you and your date are looking for an adrenaline rush, Escape Manor has got you covered. Their escape rooms are designed to challenge even the most experienced escapees. Take on “The Asylum,” a spine-chilling horror-themed escape room that will have you on edge from start to finish.

Location: 383 King St W

Looking Glass Adventures

Looking Glass Adventures offers escape rooms with a twist. They incorporate theatrical elements into their puzzles, making you feel like you’re part of an interactive play. Their newest game “It Came from the Attic!” is a great choice, as you and your partner are investigators who are called to find proof of the supernatural that may change the world.

Location: 2944 Danforth Ave


Step into the realm of imagination at Imaginarium. Their escape rooms are filled with magical settings and quirky challenges that will excite your inner child. In “The Wrath of Amun Ra” you’ll be transported  back in time to ancient Egypt and you must navigate through treacherous tombs and uncover the secrets of the Pharaoh.

Location: 116 Tycos Dr 

Captive Rooms

For an immersive and challenging escape room experience, Captive Rooms is a top choice. Their attention to detail and intricate puzzles will keep you and your date fully engaged. Brace yourselves at “13 Doors” for an adrenaline-pumping horror-themed adventure that will send chills down your spines.

Locations (2): 43 Elm Street; 3413 Wolfedale Road (Mississauga)


E-Exit offers a wide selection of escape rooms with diverse themes and difficulty levels. Whether you’re a master thief in “Great Diamond Heist” or finding the legendary chambers of Salazar Slytherin at Hogwarts in “Chamber of Secrets,” E-Exit has an exciting escape adventure waiting for you.

Location: 70 Yorkville Ave 

Escape rooms provide an exhilarating date idea that will not only entertain but challenge you and your date as well. So, if you’re both up for an adventure-filled evening with a dose of excitement and mystery, book a session at one of these escape rooms in Toronto and escape the ordinary!

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