Travel Back to the 1900S at Manoir Hovey

Travel to beautiful Quebec to stay at this historic hotel.
Manoir Hovey

I am the kind of person that is always looking for a new experience. I love surprising my wife with romantic weekends away and I try to outdo myself every time. I’ll be honest this hotel is going to be hard to beat.

Located in the heart of the Eastern Townships, on the shore of Lake Massawippi just outside North Hatley lives Manoir Hovey, a magical hotel that truly took my breath away. The picturesque landscape is a dream getaway for anyone looking for a magical retreat.

The 5-star Relais & Châteaux property has a rich history that is felt throughout the magnificent property.

In 1900, Henry Atkinson commissioned the private estate. He designed his summer home after George Washington’s Mount Vernon residence and the property is just as breathtaking today as it was over 100 years ago. Manoir Hovey was inspired by the Era of its inception and I love how it has maintained that vibe throughout the years.

A Room From Riches

The hotel combines authentic architecture, contemporary richness, and exceptional service, in the most elegant manner of course.

 My wife and I love a good hotel room, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to this spot.

There are 36 rooms on the property. Each room has been uniquely designed with an incredible amount of detail.

Full of antique items, luxurious fabrics, and stunning works of art, Manoir Hovey made us feel like actual royalty.

A Culinary Experience

Last but not least came the food. You guys know by now how seriously we take our dining experiences.

Le Hatley Restaurant at Manoir Hovey was a treat for our taste buds. Chef Alexandre Vachon uses his passion for the region’s history and combines it with his French Canadian roots creating a unique menu rich in flavours.

Everything about this property is wonderful, and each season offers a different type of beauty.

A little extra bonus was that we were able to bring our four-legged child along for the trip, which really added an extra bit of love to the mix.

Manoir Hovey provided us with an unforgettable experience and we are looking forward to our next stay.

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