Travel Solo & Find Your People

Contiki has just the experience for you, and it happens to be on sale.

We all know it gets harder and harder to make friends the older you get. Your school friends have drifted, your home friends are getting married and having babies and it gets more difficult to make new friends outside of work. Who does this leave you to travel with? Often the friends you do have can’t get the time off, don’t have enough money or have more pressing financial concerns, like a mortgage or down payment. Perhaps you just want to get out there and see what this big, wide world has to offer on your own two feet – we get that. Contiki has just the experience for you, and it happens to be on sale.

Contiki brings together young travellers to experience the world together. By organizing your food, accommodation, experiences and transportation, Contiki allows you, the world traveller, to sit back, relax and explore new places completely uninhibited. Through real experiences, you will make life-long memories with like-minded 18-35-year-old travellers who share your passion for global exploration and epic adventures.

As Contiki likes to say, ‘me time is we time.’ Many people hum and haw, thinking that ‘solo travel sounds too lonely.’ Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s actually the opposite. You’ll be surprised at how fun and busy travelling solo with this company really is, spending as much time as you want with all your new pals, and rolling solo when you feel like it as well. And the best part? Contiki is having a SALE right now. Browse their trips at 10 per cent off so that you can travel and save money at the same time. Better yet, this deal is combinable with our own personal Date Night promo code: DATENIGHT. Browse your next discounted solo trip here!

If you’re not quite sure yet, here are four points as to why travel is good for the soul:  

Solo Travel Perk #1: Make new friends

This is inevitable. Whether your trip is four days or forty-six days, you will be trekking, kayaking, scuba diving, sightseeing, eating and bonding with other travellers just like yourself. Come with an open mind and you might just meet your new lifelong best friend (or soulmate), no pressure though.

“Bit of a lone wolf traveller these days but LOOK, Contiki made even ME make friends!” – Kellie P.

Solo Travel Perk #2: Do what YOU want to do

No compromising, no one changing their mind, no going to bed early because your friend is too tired to go to the beach party. Travelling solo with Contiki means that you get to do what you want 100 per cent of the time. Hit the beach, go snorkelling, shop downtown or sleep in until noon – whatever you want, you get.

“Twenty-three days ago I started travelling around Europe with Contiki and a bunch of strangers… 12 countries later, it has all come to an end, but I’m not leaving alone. I’m leaving with some of the coolest people that I’m proud to say are now my friends… We saw part of the world together, and that’s a souvenir that you cannot buy.” – Jimmy H.

Solo Travel Perk #3: Learn

Travelling will broaden your perspective and allow you to learn about new cultures, regardless of how many people you do it with. Solo travel provides fewer distractions and allows you to completely immerse yourself in the culture. Perhaps you’ll pick up a bit of the language or learn new cooking methods to put into practice when you come home, or should we say if you decide to come back.

“Even though I arrived as a solo traveller, I’ve met a family.” – Miss Winney

Solo Travel Perk #4: Truly get to know yourself

Yes, we’re going to get deep here, but just for a second. Too often, we get stuck in our daily routine of waking up, going to work, eating dinner in front of the television, going to bed and repeating this cycle every single day. Break free from monotony and experience something new and exciting this year by booking yourself a trip right now!  

“Travelling is good for the soul. I met so many amazing people from around the world by travelling solo! Can’t wait to plan our next trip together” – Suz L.

We could go on and on about the benefits of travel, but instead, we’ll leave you with this: ‘travel is an experience best shared.’ Choose Contiki to help you turn the experience of a lifetime into a lifetime of experiences by connecting you with new friends that you’ll have forever.

Book your trip now to save 10 percent off select worldwide trips. Yes, we said worldwide. Combine this with our Date Night promo code DATENIGHT and you’ll be laughing all the way to Iceland, Greece, Australia, heck you’ll be laughing wherever you go because you won’t see a price like this again!

Ready to find your people? Travel solo and meet your Contiki family.


Save 10 per cent on select Contiki trips and dates. The campaign runs from 01-May-2019 to 31-May-2019. Valid on new bookings only and is combinable with one additional Contiki promotion (restrictions apply). Iceland & Thai Island Hopper East cannot be combined with additional discounts. Pricing is in Canadian dollars. Discount applies to the land portion of your trip price (this excludes taxes, transfers, food funds, extra accommodation, port taxes, airfare & Free Time Add-Ons). Visit Contiki to see if this discount applies to your desired departure date and trip. Contiki reserves the right to withdraw promotional offers at any time. Trips and departures are subject to availability. Deposit due within three days of booking. Final payment is due 45 days prior to departure. Any traveller already booked on an eligible trip featured in this campaign may request the greater offer within seven days from the start of the campaign. Any requests made outside the first seven days will not be honoured.

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