Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Self-Love Date with The BodCon

Learn how to accept yourself, exactly as you are, at this virtual conference
The Bod Con

The road to self-love is a difficult journey for many people, and what better time to take the next step in this journey, than right after Valentine’s Day? You may have spent most of this month planning and spoiling your Valentine and Galentines, so now the perfect time to take a step back and point some of that love and attention inwards. Almost everyone on this planet has at some point struggled to see themselves in the best light, as we are often our very worst critics. In a world where appearances tend to be portrayed as one of the most important aspects of a person, it’s hard to swim against the current and love yourself anyways. 

The BodCon, a virtual conference focused on body confidence and radical self-acceptance is for anyone and everyone who has ever looked in the mirror and wondered if they were enough. If their wrinkles, stretch-marks, cellulite, tummy rolls, skin tone, skin texture or facial features were somehow an indicator of our worthiness of love and acceptance.

What is The BodCon?

The BodCon, a virtual conference where everyone is welcome, has a mission to turn the dialogue around. To inspire people to question their beliefs about themselves, and where these beliefs came from. 


For anyone who has struggled with self-confidence, body image, disordered eating, or a complicated relationship with food, exercise or their body in general. The BodCon is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to feel confident in a world that is constantly telling you you shouldn’t. 


Join likeminded individuals at the virtual conference Sunday, February 27th, who may be experiencing or have experienced exactly what you’re going through for this potentially life-altering day full of inspiration! Wherever you are in your journey, you are welcome to learn and listen from the incredible Spotlight Speakers and panelists all from various sectors of the body positivity space, as they pour out their hearts, experiences and insights. This year’s conference is going to be hosted by Sarah Nicole Landry of @thebirdspapaya, a trailblazer in the body acceptance and self-love universe. 

The BodCon is year-round!

After the super successful inaugural year of The BodCon virtual conference in 2021, there is now a weekly podcast and mini events throughout the year so you can keep that self-love journey happening all year round! Through these initiatives the wide network is brought together, and this gives the cause the ability to delve deeper into topics that surround the body confidence and self-love journey.

"Our aim is simple: We want people to feel worthy in their bodies."

Self-Love is a Journey
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