Date Night at Trivia Escape Rooms Toronto

Trivia Escape Rooms offers three unique pop culture-themed rooms unlike anything you've seen before!

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If you’ve mastered all the trivia nights you can find, and made your way our of every escape room in the city, then we’ve got a blend of the two activities you need to try for your next date night at Trivia Escape Rooms (1615 Dupont St)!

We love finding unique date ideas that go beyond eating and drinking; that gets you communicating and interacting with your date in fun, new ways that give you the ability to learn about one another.

This artist-run, Black-owned-business right here in Toronto has created parody-based escape rooms that draw from your favourite topics, fandoms, and shows!

The Rooms

At Trivia Escape Rooms, you can experience the Simpson’s-themed room, RuPaul’s Drag Race room and a very special doggy-themed escape room.

Sashay Escape

Available to experience until June 26, 2023.

Your team is helping a new upcoming Drag Queen impress the show-runners to compete on the world famous reality show. You’ll need to complete several challenges, while also proving your knowledge of everything Drag Race!

You have an hour to get out with the crown. No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, this escape room is large and in charge! Ladies start your engines and may the best team… ESCAPE!

This room is perfect for groups from 2-8 and is mature family-friendly.

Flaming Homer

Available to experience March 16th to August 2nd, 2023.

Your journey starts at Moe’s Tavern, as a second chance at fame and fortune reveals itself with Homer’s new beverage concoction…The Flaming Homer.

In order to prove yourself the rightful creator, you’re tasked to get the original ingredients, which will require navigating trivia questions to refresh your memory correctly.

This room is perfect for groups from 2-8 and if family friendly with the ability to choose your own challenge level.

Escape The Pound

Available time slots starting May 15.

Your pet has been mistakenly snagged by the mysterious, puzzling and villainous Dog Catcher! The pound has refused to listen to reason, so you’ve sneaked in to jailbreak your pet out before they put your best friend to sleep!

The dog obsessed catcher has locks everywhere! Do you know more Pet Trivia than the catcher to solve these traps?! Put your wits and memory to the test, as your challenged on famous pets and not-so common pet facts to ESCAPE THE POUND!

This room is perfect for groups from 2-5 humans and 1-2 pets.

A Blank Canvas

Did you want to plan a super special surprise or Trivia Escape Room for that special someone? This unique feature allows you to commission your very own escape game!

Choose from their templates to make something personalized for your date, or provide the team with your own trivia to make it a fully custom experience just for you.

During any of your escape rooms, the Trivia Escape Rooms team can help you set up personal trivia questions, pictures, symbols, or objects so your date is surprised when you walk in!

This is a great option for birthdays, romantic anniversaries, popping that big question, and even corporate events and team building activities!

Find more date ideas from unique experiences to our favourite restaurants in every Toronto neighbourhood!

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