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Fact: You will 100% become more attractive to your date if you can whip up a delicious meal! If you’re in need of a little help with your culinary skills, try Chef Garrin’s Cooking Classes!  

Chef Garrin is an international Chef & Global Ambassador in Nova Scotia who has been offering virtual cooking classes since the pandemic hit last year. He originally offered in-person cooking classes and dinner parties at his home in Eastern Passage but has since modified his offerings to provide at-home date nights to guests all over the world via Zoom. 

Woman smiling and holding a glass of red wine with a meal she created through cooking classes.

We have been long-time fans of Chef Garrin’s cooking classes and have attended various events from his Italian Pasta class to a Seafood Chowder class and my personal favourite, a “Mi Amore” Valentine’s Cooking class consisting of a 3-course meal. Yesterday we had the opportunity to participate in Chef Garrin’s Virtual Sushi Roll class and I had so much fun! We made Kappaki and Uramaki Dragon Rolls which were pretty amazing if I do say so myself. We also learned various culinary skills including how to properly season sushi rice, how to plate our dishes and knife techniques. The recipes were beginner-friendly but we felt like pro Chefs following along and making this beautiful dishes ourselves.

Vegetable Dragon Maki Roll created by Chef Garrin through his cooking classes.
Chef Garrin and Date Night Halifax Editor, Dale Miranda, smiling in front of their entree created through Chef Garrin Cooking Classes.

Chef Garrin offers virtual cooking almost every week so be sure to check follow his Instagram page and event page on Meetup for all the details on upcoming events. We can’t wait to see what we’ll be cooking next!


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