We Fell in Love with The Westley Hotel

The Westley

The story of my wife’s and my own love affair with The Westley Hotel in Calgary begins long before staying there. It actually started when we saw it online. And after we caught a digital glimpse of its glory? Well, we knew our visit needed to be one with meaning. 

A Place for a Reunion

Enter Mandy Balak, the founder of @datenightyyc. Her and I brought datenight across Canada together. And thanks to the pandemic, I hadn’t been graced with her company in a hot minute. Believe me. It’s an energy I have missed.

That’s where The Westley Hotel comes in — a space ideal for business, for pleasure and for everything in between.

The right place for a reunion, we decided.

Magazine Cover-Worthy Design

From the thoughtfully selected furniture to the chevron wood floors, this beautifully designed hotel does not lack character.

You actually might feel like you are staying in a spread from Architectural Digest. My wife and I did. The enormous bathroom and Pinterest-worthy decor of our suite, combined with the top-of-the-line linens, made our real home seem pretty dull.

Getting Around YYC

Calgary is an incredible place to explore. Though we had been there before, we had never really examined the scenery while on a scooter.

Naturally, that is exactly what we did.

Incredible On-Site Cuisine

Besides being reunited with Mandy, who was cooking up some ideas for the beautiful growth of the company, my favourite part of the trip was our visit to Fonda Fora, the restaurant located within The Westley Hotel. 

I had read the reviews about the contemporary Mexican dining experience. In Calgary, though? Needed to test it out for myself. 

Worth the hype. Let’s just leave it at that.

So worth the hype, in fact, that after all that grub, I knew I was going to want (slash need) to hit the gym the next morning.



To no one’s surprise at all, the hotel had a spectacular space to get the job done. Also to no one’s surprise at all:

I found a convenient excuse not to go do my workout.

Calgary has many gems. This hotel is one of ‘em.

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