Weekend Getaway with Camp No Counselors

It’s time to disconnect from your adult life and let loose like a kid again.

Remember how fun summer camp used to be? Spending time with your friends in the wilderness with no parents, chores, or homework? Those days of playing capture the flag, learning to make friendship bracelets, and singing campfire songs were the best memories of childhood. In fact, you probably just signed-up your kids for their favourite summer camp and wish you could go with them to escape those no-fun, adult responsibilities like cleaning and bills.

Well, now you can! There is a summer camp for adults where you can indulge in all your favourite nostalgic camp activities while enjoying a few adult beverages. So pack your duffle bag, write your name in your underwear, and say hello to a weekend of fun at Camp No Counselors. Just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life like you did as a kid. Camp No Counselors will welcome you with open arms… and open bar! If you’re with your squad, you’ll share a cabin, otherwise, you can come solo and have a chance to meet awesome new people. If you’re lucky, you might even meet your future husband (hey, it’s happened before!). We’re not kidding when we say memories are made at camp; last year, during the New Year’s Eve camp, one of the campers got down on one knee and proposed. It’s so cute, we can’t even make that stuff up.

Even if you don’t experience love at first sight, you’ll make lasting friendships at camp. These moments under the stars are the ones that you’ll never forget. Campers attend Camp No Counselors for so many different reasons – to get away from work, take a break from their kids, or to simply meet new people! There have even been couples attending Camp No Counselors who were on their honeymoon! You know that means it’s a good time if it’s worth celebrating your marriage.

This summer, Camp No Counselors is happening over Canada Day long weekend from June 28-July 1 and it’s going to be epic. For the weekend price, you get all the great perks like delicious meals, lodging and an open bar. Yes, you read that right, your ticket includes an open bar ALL WEEKEND. It’s time to disconnect from your adult life and let loose like a kid again. Adulting can be hard, but having fun at camp isn’t.

Reserve your bunk HERE.



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