What Your Date Night Drink Says About You

Did you ever wonder what people thought about you at a bar? What about what they assume about you on a date? Your drink choice says it all.
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Did you ever wonder what people thought about you at a bar? What about what they assume about you on a date? Believe it or not, your drink can tell someone more about you than you realize.

Fruity Frozen Drink

Fruity frozen drinks.

For example, a fruity frozen drink will usually mean that you are not a big drinker. People who like drinking, actually enjoy the taste of alcohol, and people who drink fruity drinks most likely do not. 

You will rarely find the fruity drinker taking a shot of tequila at 9 pm on a Thursday.

Shot of Tequila

Shots of tequila with limes.

A shot of tequila means you can handle a lot, including the shot of tequila you just downed. The same goes for tequila on the rocks, but it is a more conservative way of saying you know what’s up. 


Martini glass with olives.

Martinis are also very telling. 

An espresso martini means that you are super trendy, and a vodka martini means you are kind of fancy. We must not forget a dirty martini, if you order a dirty martini on a date, you are a badass chick and I respect your choice. 

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey sour.

If your date orders a whiskey sour, I would check their ID, same goes for a frozen margarita consumed anywhere other than a beach.



Speaking of margaritas, if your date orders a spicy margarita, you are in trouble. Spicy margarita drinkers tend to have spicier personalities, you have been warned. 


Wine glasses.

Now let’s talk about wine. 

Wine is an interesting thing, because red, white and rose all say different things about you. 

A glass of white says you are classy, but not as classy as those who drink red. 

When it comes to rose drinkers, those bitches are charming AF and let’s not get started on the pretentious champagne drinkers…does anyone even like champagne?

Long Island Iced Tea

A long island iced tea means you want to get drunk but don’t have the cash for another drink, that or you are just cheap. 

Vodka Soda

A Vodka soda with a splash of cranberry says you are no stranger to club life and a nice cold beer says you have no time for bullshit. 

I think I have made my point clear, so next time you order a drink remember, it might be more telling than you think. 

Want to test this theory? Find spots all over Canada for date night drinks and more here

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