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Can we just please give a huge virtual high-five to YYC for the major fierce community spirit we’ve seen these last few weeks? We are hella proud to be from this amazing city that so quickly and effectively jumped online to keep our dates amazing + safe at home. Read on for the DL on how you can keep your dates new, creative and as always, fulla that hot spice all while showing all that local love right back to your fave businesses!


Convert your COVID-19 coop-up into something spicy and sassy this weekend with our second instalment of #LocalDateNight! This Saturday, April 18th at 7pm, local comedy Queen B., Jenny B., will be dropping in & dropping mics LIVE from our IG! Jenny B. is known for her hilariously wise insight and for laying down the sizzling T. 

Wanna make your city-wide #LocalDateNight even hotter? 

Step #1: Ring up your fave local biz or place an order online for a tasty meal in. Treat yourself to a beverage too! Show a lil extra love to where you order from and to yourself because #selfcare. Click here for some awesome options!

Step #2: Lay down some blankets + pillows picnic-style or make a mini fort to snuggle into your #LocalDateNight special. 

Step #3: Post a pic of you & boo with your meal and your set up! Tag @datenightyyc with #LocalDateNight — it makes us so happy to see and share your creativity! 

Step #4: Cozy up for some comedy bad-assery by beaut + balla Jenny B LIVE from our feed at 7PM — this one’s gonna be a zinger so def don’t miss out! 


The Calgary Public Library, no lie, is an endless source of FREE entertainment, education and good ol’ fun. Yearnin’ for some learnin’ or maybe some lax time? With a (free!) Library card, you can access a wide scope of online courses on Lynda.com that’ll help you excel in everything from MS Excel to Economics, can learn a new language with Rosetta Stone and stream some seriously sweet flicks of all genres from Kanopy — and obvs you can access their Digital Library full of hot reads all from the comfort of you home! Major kudos to our local Library for offering so many incredible resources to us & keeping our minds, fresh, flexed and fab! Click here for more info! 


The ultra glam YYC-based Leela Eco Spa has shifted their beautiful in-studio services to their online store! You can access a stunning spread of products from everyday items like Eminence Skin Care’s Vanilla + Caramel Tinted Latte Moisturizers (ummm, yum!) to naturally-sourced crystalline Kismet Bath Salts. Treat yourself to a full set of spa products + a gorgeous locally made Milk Jar Candle to create the ultimate dreamy date night for yourself or you & boo. 

We highly recommend their amazing masques + exfoliating treatments too! Shop here to see the whole scope — by the way, shipping is FREE anywhere in Canada on every order AND you get a free coconut or blueberry body scrub with a $150 purchase! 


If you’re feeling a little down and under, UNDRCARD Boxing Studio will flip that on it’s head with their kick ass online classes! UNDRCARD is known for their smooth moves that stir up a major sweat & get the endorphins running, leaving you feeling reset, refreshed + ready to take on the rest of your day. Their instructors are top class and will accelerate you to your biggest, best bad-ass self even from a distance. Classes are available by donations of as little at $5 with a first-timer deal of $5 for 2 sessions! That’s a true bang for your buck!  


Gain a lifetime worth of wisdom, self-love and acceptance in just a few hours with Get The Love You Want — a course designed by relationship coach dream team Vienna Pharaon, an NYC marriage therapist + Connor Beaton, host of Man Talks Podcast. This virtual course will virtually change your life by helping you pave new pathways to achieving a relationship rich with genuine depth, trust and meaning. 

You will learn things about yourself and your behavioural patterns that you didn’t even know existed and that may be steering your goals off-course. Get The Love You Want is a very valuable investment in yourself, your partner and your life. Use the code DATENIGHT for $50 off!

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