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This weekend’s theme: cooking up some MAJOR goodness and killa hot vibes! YYC continues to be community-focused, creative and extremely kind in supporting each other and making quarantine cooler. From low-key mornings viewings that’ll give ya life, to cutting up a rug with the pros then cutting up some deliciousness in cooking classes, and even shaking things in a cocktail class, there are so many hands-on super fleek activities. You’ll need to hit some Sunday supper take-out for a lil time-out! Keep reading for the full DL.



Live it up large with the Dave Kelly Live crew this Friday morning at 10AM! Every weekday morning, DKL features heart-warming local stories to highlight the bad ass YYC community spirit. Friday morning will feature Canadian musician Craig Northey back, a Canadian musician legend who is a founding member of the band Odds. He also happens to be aa film and TV composer whose sweet tunes carry through shows like Corner Gas!  Click here to catch the crew & some catchy tunes! 



PULSE Studios brings a serious boom to YYC’s heartbeat and that’s 100/100 been a zero exception during quarantine. Studio owner/Pure ray of sunshine, Tara Wilson, is legit too legit to quit. She’s been hosting FREE daily dance parties and poppin’ + lock-in’ right from lockdown day one and EVER since. On Fridays at 1:30PM, Tara goes LIVE with next level dancer Ray Sho Tyme Johnson. Guys. This team is NEXT LEVEL. 

Sho Tyme has collaborated with major names like Jay Z, 50 Cent, Shakira, Missy Elliot and a never ending A-lister list, and we ain’t keeping it on the down low that he’s rocked with JLo. He’s the wizard behind the otherworldy moves in Gwen Stefani’s Wind-It Up music vid and was ft. on KUWTK — wondering if the sis’s could keep up? Check it out here! 

But most importantly, he sees and brings out the soul & sizzle in everyone he teaches. This Friday afternoon at 1:30PM, hit up Pulse’s IG LIVE feed to experience the spicy hot and sweeter than eva JAM that is Tara Wilson x Sho Tyme — they are truly gonna show you a TIME!!! 

Tara is also the co-founder of The Gateway Project, a powerful initiative to give at-risk YYC youth access to the hip-hop & the arts to cultivate their creativity, confidence and a sense of community — so so incredibly kind & cool. You can contribute to this amazing program by clicking here



Cook up something crazy good this weekend with Cuisine et Chateau from your home! Known for their exceptional expertise, wonderful instruction and high quality ingredients, you will be so happy to participate in the array of classes they have to choose from. From a French feast, to Mediterranean magic and boss brunchin’, there is something for virtually everyone! Go here for more info — let’s get cookin!



Conjur the coolest date night you’ve had all quarantine with a cocktails class LIVE from our feed on Saturday! At 7PM, mixologist master Reece Southern from Proof Cocktail Bar is treating you to a special live workshop to whip up some special sips. On Friday morning, Reece is taking over our IG story to lay the low down on what ingredients + supplies you may need to follow along the next day. Guys this is going to be SO cool and insanely fun — a genuine way to mix up your Saturday. Pop by this link to see how you could be featured on our feed for following along! 



Let’s talk talk-out tacos from Taiko. Taiko Canteen is a true YYC gem that serves up a serious spread of satisfying Asian-fusion eats. Every Sunday, Taiko designs a special three-course meal blending soul-soothing ingredients that will be hard to share with bae! Keep an eye on their IG to see what delights will make up this Sunday’s serve-up. From hearty chicken + waffles to crisp hearty salads, we most def recommend their amazing meals for any night of the week! Go here to see their full take-out menu. 


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