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YYC, ya’ll are an-star squad! Seriously!! We are so in love with how compassionate, considerate and clever most of Calgary has proven to be during COVID-19. There is never a shortage of new and super cute things to do through Zoom, Instagram, or without a device at all. A huge plus about this experience is it’s taught us to get creative and let that spirit rock n’ roll — annnd def learn how to rock Tik Tok  too. So let’s keep up that hype vibe peeps and keep supporting local! Read on to see all the stellar stuff you can soak up this weekend.



Join YYC’s bad ass bosses of The Ace Class in a morning of inspiration, validation and fiercely good vibes. Local icon Mandy Balak, CEO and founder of The Ace Class, goes LIVE with a guest every weekday morning at 8:30am. These powerful speakers keep it real, keep it 100 and will start your day with a sense of groundedness + empowerment. Go into the weekend with a sizzle this Friday morning at 8:30am with the fab faces of Ace!



STAX Cycle Club is Calgary’s hardcore, kick-ass spin studio that has shifted their steaming hot classes to streaming hot rides online! In-studio and on-screen, STAX truly comes to misbehave, play and SLAY in the best kind of way. And you and bae can dance up a seriously satisfying sweat along with ‘em if you don’t have a bike — heck YES!

Wheels or not, these rides are BLAST and their crystal clear platform on Twitch makes it feel like you’re in the same room, gettin’ down, dirty n’ flirty with those pumps and dips — not to mention the MAJOR party tracks! Every single instructor has a such a bad ass spice served with extra hot sauce on the side. And they are just so darn supportive and likeable. This team is a smoke show in every sense of the term and they deliver one spicy AF cook-out EVERY single ride — which, luckily for us, is every day of the week! Click here to see the menu + sign up for one of the damn finest at-home workouts on the web.

Ps. HUGE, hot shout-out to STAX for the amazing community support they have shown to YYC and beyond through their virtual charity rides!




Ready to recalibrate your understanding of self-care? Soulaia quite literally puts the soul in your self-care practice to help you learn about your genuine needs and what it looks like to nurture them. Starting this Friday, March 15th at 1pm, Soulaia is launching their four-part series ft. hormonal health. You will explore how your hormones may be impacting your health, which links to your quality of life, your relationships and overall wellbeing.

Guys, this is major. Hormones play a HUGE role in how we think, feel and behave. This workshop will help you forge a stronger mind-body connection to work towards a clearer headspace + self-esteem, better sleep, better skin and an over-all healthier body. Make it an online date with your BFFs and email hello@soulaia.com to sign up! You can also DM Soulaia on IG here.



Explore the charming restaurants of France in your own home with Cuisine et Chateau’s upcoming online instalment, Classic French Bistro. In this amazing class you & boo will learn to create a quintessential 3-course meal authentic to France and all with the guidance of professional chef.

Experiencing one of the world’s most famed food cultures at home will cultivate your creativity and cure your craving for a new adventure! Not to mention, the Cuisine et Chateau is truly incredible and will ensure your online class is just as HQ as in real life! Click here for ze deets.  



Yup, you read that right! Art is food for the soul and the legendary Theatre Calgary’s wants to make sure you get your fill + more — for FREE. This YYC Art Mecca has created an episode series online ft. brilliant local artists possessing a variety of multi-dimensional skills from nail art to singing.

TC Takeout gives you the chance to go behind the scenes in a totally new, even more personal way and see the vivid spirit of this straight up awesome organization. Real talk folks, the arts give our city such a rich and textured flavour — when we support the amazing talent that lives right next door to us, it brings more fab and glam to our lives!

So, from meeting the theatre’s pets + pooches to online entertainment by professionally trained performers, there is truly something for everyone. It will guarantee brighten your day! Pop by here to see. You can also keep showing our local artists some love by donating here!




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