Where to Take a Foodie on a Date

And get a second date.

Cannibale, the wine bar with an eclectic British vibe instantly makes you want to stay as you are greeted by gracious staff in the cozy environment. This unique and vibrant spot in the city is unmatched by any others with its characteristic individuality in the middle of the historic yet trendy neighbourhood of Bridgeland. If you want to have an intimate foodie date this is the little bar for it, emitting a mood for romance, open from 4:00pm-12:00am Sunday – Thursday and 12:00pm to 2:00am every Friday and Saturday. This is also the place to meet strangers that become friends over a carefully curated cocktail and yummy bites to share.

Are you thirsty? The drinks are artistically detailed as you are served your choice of flavour. The owner and servers are very accommodating so if something is in an alcoholic libation that is unappealing to you but the rest of the ingredients sound delectable then just ask ad they will more than likely customize your drink for you. For the risky souls, you can delve into the Bartender’s Choice, a drink made entirely based on secret ingredients. Some drinks are garnished with fresh fruit creating an artwork that flows through to the artisan food.


Fresh is the way to describe the small dishes and larger meals too. The Albacore Tuna Crudo sparks like a firework of flavour in your mouth. The detail in the handcrafted accompaniments of lime and tomatoes are truly memorable. The Chile Con Queso is a must try for anyone that desires cheesy comfort food. The queso melts in your mouth then the Beef Tartare presents a whole new flavour, another delicious dish to put a smile on your face. The seasoning in the Tartare makes me crave more plus beer goes really well with it.


The choices of beer are unique offering out of the ordinary tastes like Hawaiian Coconut Porter or Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale. If you are a wine drinker not to worry, wine is offered on the menu too. Your drinks won’t be the only things making you feel warm; the fireplace and heaters will keep you toasty as you sip your beverages on the adorable patio. The music plays outside and in so wherever you sit there will be background sounds melting you further into comfort.


If you want a foodtastic experience head to Cannibale. You foodies and your foodie date will keep coming back. Oh, and as a side note, you can get a warm shave at the barber shop next door, another unique part of the business.



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