Why clear float spa Should Be Your Next Date Night

Connect with bae on a different level.

If you haven’t tried the floating before you’ve been missing out on a mind-changing experience. The feeling of being free, both physically and mentally is an experience you won’t be able to stop talking about. clear float spa is located in Mission so it makes the perfect date night when you pair it with dinner or drinks.

If you think your boy will give you that look when you suggest a spa date, convince him that clear float isn’t what he’s picturing and that everyone can use a grounding, relaxing experience. Grab a bite to eat at your fave Mission restaurant and then head to clear float for a great date experience. We’ve compiled a list of why clear float should be your next choice for date night:


Relax your body and mind with clear float and allow yourself to refocus on what’s most important. Without the hustle and bustle of life and the noise, smells and lights, you can let go of any stress or anxiety that is holding you back. You can choose the lights, music or guided meditation to enrich your experience in the pod. You and bae both live busy, hectic lives and need the time and space to decompress. Relationships are always better when both people are relaxed, stress free and open minded.

Deep Conversation.

The zen room at clear float spa is a special space that invites and encourages people to open up, either out loud or silently and get a little deep. Push past the boundaries of the societal pressures, what people expect you to say and do and explore more deeper into your soul. Rather than the usual surface chit chat you spend your dinner date doing, get to know your date on a deeper level and learn what they’re really about. Kit and Ace conversation cards are laying around to help you get started if you need an extra push. Share the experience with your date and it will be an evening that you won’t forget.

Real Connection.

As the conversation gets deeper, the connection between you and bae gets real. We spend so much of our time on social media and in situations that are based on expectations and trying to impress. At clear float spa, it’s the opposite. Grounding down into who you are and connecting with your mind, body, soul and the people you’re sharing the experience with. After you float, spending time in the zen room allows you to make those real connections with your date and with the strangers in the room.


There is a vibrant, like-minded community of floaters that you can be a part of. You bring your own date but the people you can meet while inside the zen room can open your mind to new ideas and opinions.

Free Validated Parking.

Speaks for itself really.

Connect with clear float spa on Instagram + Facebook and book you and bae in for your float date.



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