Why You Should Play Beach Volleyball with CSSC

The Calgary Sport and Social Club has got what you need to achieve your summer fitness goals.

We’re going to paint a picture for you. Close your eyes for a sec and think of your favourite things about summer. If visions of group hangouts, sun-kissed tans, and achieving your summer body came to mind, you’re in luck – The Calgary Sport and Social Club has got what you need.

Over the last year, they’ve put in some serious work to prepare for an amazing summer season and make sure this is your best beach volleyball year yet. The best news of all, whether you’re a newbie on the court or a pro, all levels of players are invited to join in on the fun.

Where do we begin? For starters, they’ve teamed up with the Marda Loop Communities Association and Parkdale Community Association to build 8 shiny new volleyball courts and refurbish 4 others. That means it’s all within the heart of the city and you’ll have plenty of space to show off your moves to your date.  

The new courts were laid with brand new ‘playground’ sand, and when you close your eyes you can envision the waves crashing along the beach as your feet sink comfortably into the soft sand. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re the queen/king of the court on their own tropical island?

They’ve also upgraded their ‘foot shower’ and other amenities so you can take care of that sand between your toes and rinse off before heading back home. You know, so you can head straight over to a Sponsor Bar patio for drinks after the game.  

Sound like a good time? Of course it does. Surprise your date and invite them out to this interactive playground where you can tap into your inner warrior.

Drop by any Friday night for their weekly $10 Beach Volleyball drop-in and learn more about the game, or sign up for one of their three summer beach volleyball tournaments happening June 16th, July 14th and August 11th.

Don’t miss their Summer Registration deadline on June 20th. Check out their website for more information and to get started on the fun.

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