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Fresh flowers are beautiful to have around, they smell amazing and add a little extra something to your space that can boost your mood! But for many, it’s a luxury that doesn’t happen often and most of the time, it’s a gift from a loved one! With Bear’s Blooms, you can have fresh flowers delivered monthly, right to you door.

Bear’s Blooms is a fresh flower subscription service that started in Vancouver, but has recently expanded their shipping zones to also include Calgary!

About Bear's Blooms

Think of Bear’s Blooms as a meal-kit, but for fresh flowers. The flowers can be delivered as often as you like, starting at just $39 per delivery in Vancouver and $49 in Calgary! You can trust the team for a curated selection, “Bear’s Pick” or if you are a florist at heart, there are seasonal bundles and selections to choose from to create your own masterpiece!

This brilliant business was founded by Tess and Parker Atkins, two young Canadian entrepreneurs who are changing the way people buy flowers, one box at a time.

More Details

The flowers are sent, fresh and pre-cut, and they last extra-long because they send each package with care instructions from their expert florists, flower food, and the flowers are shipped as buds so you can enjoy the flowers for longer! It is just up to you to assemble the bouquet in a vessel of your choosing, so you can get creative and let your inspiration run wild.

Bear’s Blooms also makes the perfect gift! For someone you know and love who could use some little moments of joy in their life, or for special occasions, you could gift a subscription. From house-warming gifts to Valentine’s Day or a birthday gift that keeps on giving, the possibilities are endless.

Worried about waste? Bear’s Blooms is sustainable! All boxes are reusable, so you can arrange for your box to be picked up at the next delivery and reused for a future package of blooms! Not to mention, flowers are all locally sourced to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Flowers = JOY

For more details on how to bring some joyful blooms into your life, click here!


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