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Friends, 2020 has proven to be THE year of growth and learning in a wide scope of very real, very serious and significant social and personal ways. From COVID-19, to environmental phenomena and the incredible resilience and courage of the Black community and POC, this year specifically has introduced to us so many important lessons that can help us create more meaningful and deeper relationships. Now is the time we actively cultivate our connections to be as understanding and meaningful as possible by listening, getting educated and being willing to adopt a new and healthier perspective. This weekend, let’s keep that attitude going, continue to have important conversations and engage in some quality bonding time.


Another way to expand your horizons this week is with the Calgary Sports and Social Club in their first EVER round of online speed dating — yes! You can brush up your dating game and possibly score a new love interest in this online event you can play entirely from home. It’s gonna be a zinger folks! Go here to secure your spot in the line up and get ready to touch down!


Take a hands-on approach to learning about another culture through a seriously amazing online cooking class with Cuisine et Chateau this Friday, June 12th. One of the ultimate ways to celebrate and appreciate another culture is through food! This weekend, add true spice and flavour to your date night with this New Delhi inspired cooking class that will open your mind, your senses and your heart to the bold culinary mastery of India’s stunning capital city. Follow this link for full details!


The Calgary Public Library has compiled an extremely valuable list of Race and Social Equity novels, films and other resources to help further your understanding of racism. Accessing more education about this helps show how systemic racism affects the daily lives of Black people and the incredible resiliency that has been channeled into fighting it — and why further action is so important. Click here to access these resources. 


Known for it’s beautiful energy, aesthetic and muscle-burning workouts, local fitness studio Barre West has committed to allocating $10,000 annually to providing class passes and teacher training for BIPOC. This weekend, support Barre West’s initiative by participating in their incredible online classes that will work your body, mind and spirit. Read more about their community support efforts here and sign up for classes at this link!


There are few things as enriching to a relationship as sharing an amazing meal, just like this AMAZING dish from the iconic Simply Irie (@simply.irie). And there are so many incredible local Black owned restaurants that are iconic for creating not only the perfect meal but standout memories and experiences. This weekend, check out and be prepared to fall in love with the following restaurants shown at this link by @gonaduraj or show extra love to another black-owned restaurant that you want to introduce us to!

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