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You are what you eat, YYC.
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Sunday rolls around and it’s time to start meal prepping for the week. You look in the fridge, then the freezer, and sigh; there’s no meat. In a pinch, you run to the closest Safeway and come home with whatever was available last minute. Not what you wanted, but it’s fine for now.

What if there was a way to get the meat you wanted at a price you could afford? What if it came right to your doorstep so you didn’t have to make another trip to the store only to come home with something you didn’t want? And what if it also supported local farmers and helped boost the economy at the same time? truLOCAL does just this and more with their simple meat delivery service.

Once a month, this company ships out freshly frozen, locally-grown meats to residents across Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. truLOCAL just celebrated their one-year anniversary of launching in Alberta – providing high-quality meats to our fellow neighbours’ doorsteps for 365 days. To help celebrate this huge milestone, we’re teaming up with truLOCAL to tell you how it works and how you too can get in on the action with these three easy steps:

  1. Customize your box. Build a box of locally sourced meats like 100% grass-fed steaks, delicious air chilled chicken or wild caught sockeye salmon.
  2. Right to your door. Your meat is kept in refrigerated coolers on dry ice so that it remains frozen during transport and all the way to your home, office, gym, whatever drop off spot works for you – even if you’re not home when it arrives.
  3. Start cooking. No shopping, no deal surfing, no more worrying that your closest grocery store is out of your favourite meats. Sit back, relax and cook your meal ASAP with this easy peasy delivery service. 

And perhaps the best part, this is a no-commitment subscription with FREE shipping! Pause, skip or cancel anytime you like penalty-free so you can enjoy fresh, local meats whenever it suits you. Chicken, beef, turkey, pork, lamb, buffalo – if you can think it, they’ve got it. Then the decisions come in: do you want sausages, burgers, chops, drumsticks, breasts or ground meat? The options are endless – see for yourself!

No more freezer burn on that hamburger you found from months ago stuffed behind the frozen peas. truLOCAL’s meat comes freshly frozen and individually packaged conveniently to your doorstep each month, connecting you straight to the source. No hassle, no mess, no fuss – just high-quality meat from local farms ready to be thawed and cooked at a moment’s notice.

As if this wasn’t enough, truLOCAL happens to be launching new products to the Alberta line-up as we speak. You can now order scallops, salmon burgers, cod cakes and crab cakes coming from Effing Seafoods, founded in our very own St. Albert. Now these fish may not be local to the province but they are wild-caught and wildly delicious – we promise. 

So, your truLOCAL takeaways:
  • 100% grass-fed beef.
  • A multitude of meat options, including new seafood features.
  • Monthly deliveries.
  • To your doorstep.

You are what you eat, YYC. So eat healthily, support local and stock up on all your meats in the easiest and most delicious way possible: with truLOCAL

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