Your Next Date Night According to the Calgary Hitmen

3 Hitmen players give share their favourite date spots.
Candice Ward/Calgary Hitmen

What your favourite date spot is or your most memorable first date says a lot about who you are as a person and what kind of couple you and your partner are. Are you more of the outdoor adventurers or do you prefer a candle lit dinner sharing a bottle of wine? But sometimes do you go blank with a plan and genuinely wonder what other people do for date night because you’re fresh out of good ideas. Netflix and chill is so cliche and who doesn’t like to be impressed by their partner?

We chatted with three players from the Calgary Hitmen to find out what kind of dates they like to go on and some of their secret date spots. If you’re looking for the next date night idea for you and your man, what better research to do than ask hockey players, am I right? Some of the dates are a little adventurous and may include an airplane and others are right here in our own backyard.

Before we jump into the list, let’s get introduced to our panel of date judges. Zach Huber was born in Millarville, AB, is a right wing forward and will definitely choose Tim Hortons over Starbucks. Riley Stotts is a left wing forward from Winnipeg, MB and listens to Carrie Underwood. Last but not least, Luke Coleman from Red Deer is a left wing forward and you’ll always find him with a bag of Milk Duds on the road.

Candice Ward/Calgary Hitmen

What can you remember about your first date?

  • Zach Huber: having fun horseback riding and having a picnic
  • Riley Stotts: walking around an island in Lake of the Woods (Ontario) on a hike
  • Luke Coleman: attending Screamfest Red Deer

Do you have a favorite place to go for dinner?

  • Huber: Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Stotts: Greek restaurant in Lake of the Woods called Kenos
  • Coleman: Earls

Where do you plan to go on your next date?

  • Huber: Calgary Tower
  • Stotts: The Rec Room
  • Coleman: Rage Room experience

What is the best date you’ve been on, so far?

  • Huber: outdoor hiking in Kananaskis
  • Stotts: going to Whistler with my family and hers
  • Coleman: went to Mexico

What is your hidden gem date spot?

  • Huber: Sheep River Falls, Kananaskis
  • Stotts: boating in and out of the coves on Lake of the Woods
  • Coleman: Vietnamese restaurant called Mimosa

What would your ideal date be?

  • Huber: outdoor activity including a picnic
  • Stotts: camping in Lake of the Woods
  • Coleman: camping, fishing and quading

Without even asking your next date, you can take some ideas from the Hitmen boys and take your man out on a date that he will love.



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