#CouplesofYYC: Meet Vanessa & David

Meet local couple Vanessa & David. #CouplesofYYC

Meet local couple Vanessa &  David

The couple is an inspiration to YYC and a major success story with their sweet pictures and #relationshiptalk, we can easily see the connection and endless love between them. We caught up with the couple to learn more about them and we’re sure glad we did.

They are recently JUST MARRIED, and Vanessa is the owner of a well-known hub on 17th Ave S.W called Market Bar on 17th (we’ve sure you’ve probably heard of it.) Read on to get to learn more about Vanessa & David.



1. What are your Instagram handles? 

We don’t have a personal Instagram page , I use my restaurants page,   @marketcalgary for my business and our dog is @indigram01


2. How long have you been together?
7 years and just got married in Fernie last weekend!! YAY! 


3.  If you could choose two celebrities to play yourselves in a movie, who would you choose and why? What would the movie be about?
Probably Jennifer Lawrence because she seems like a real genuine person off the screen and always thought one day we could always be bff if we ever met haha, and for Dave, probably Chris Pratt because he’s got that whole guy next-door vibe going on, but is also really funny.
Our movie would probably be an action superhero movie because we love adventure, but something that is also a comedy because we don’t take life to seriously and love to have a good laugh.
We loved Deadpool, thats a pretty awesome movie 😉 Oh and something with our dog, Indi – She’s the best !

4. What are your top 3 date spots in Calgary?


  1. Drinks and Dinner at MARKET Restaurant
  2. Watching the Flames light up the Saddledome
  3. or watching live music 
5. What would your advice be on how to overcome challenges in a relationship?
Compromise- No two people are ever going to see eye-to-eye on everything, so its important to compromise and find a mutual solution that makes both people happy.
Dave and I are completely polar opposites so we have to try really hard to put ourselves into each others shoes and understand where the other person is coming from. Also, make sure you always keep dating, even if your in a 1,5, 10 or 50 year relationship, always keep the spark alive by going on a date and seeking new adventures together. 

6. What superpower does your partner have?
 Dave would have mood-changing super powers because he can always make people laugh and automatically lifts the mood of any room he walks into by his positive vibes!  
For me, he says I have a crazy ability to multi-task  haha He always says I can achieve more in a day then most people can in a week, and that I have never ending energy. So…maybe super-speed?! Thats sounds a lot cooler then super multi-tasking powers haha. That and/or risk taker. He says I have no fear and always looking for the next crazy adventure. 


7. How has It’s Date Night helped improve your relationship both with the city and as a couple?
We both love adventure and trying new things. Date Night YYC provides lots of unique and different date night ideas that you normally wouldn’t think of on your own. Its keeps things interesting and always fun! 


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