Your Next Movie Date Night Is Brought to You By… A&W!

A&W unveils the Whistle Dog’s return with an award-winning documentary about its fandom!
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A&W has announced their next big launch, which involves the return of a legacy menu item AND an award-winning short film. We can’t say we’ve heard of a movie date made by a restaurant making a movie about one of their menu items, but we’re game about this delicious duo!

Whistle Dog fans can rejoice as May 21st marks the triumphant return of the iconic legacy menu item to A&W restaurants across Canada. 

The Whistle Dog — a delicious hot dog nested in a toasted bun topped with relish, real cheddar cheese and bacon — is the only previously discontinued A&W menu item that has been brought back by sheer fan demand.

The announcement of the Whistle Dog’s return date came in the form of a short documentary titled “Bring Back The Whistle Dog,” released online.

Filmed in four Canadian cities — Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver — the 18-minute documentary showcases five dedicated “Whistle Dog Warriors” and their relentless efforts to resurrect this iconic menu item.

From starting petitions and writing songs to rallying support on radio shows and flooding A&W‘s social media with the demand to “bring back the Whistle Dog,” the short film illustrates the unwavering devotion of the Whistle Dog fanbase and explores why this Canadian menu item has evolved into a surprising staple of A&W.

The film has been extremely well-received within the film festival community, earning numerous laurels at prestigious international film festivals in cities like TribecaParisLondon, and more. 

The official release of the film had its celebratory world premiere in Vancouver, British Columbia where A&W is headquartered. 

You can watch the film here!

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