Celebrate National Pita Day with Mr. Souvlaki!

[Sponsored by Mr. Souvlaki] National Pita Day: a day for pita appreciation. A day to enjoy a soft and fluffy flatbread filled  with all of your favourite toppings. We’re thinking a pita filled with chicken souvlaki dipped in  creamy Tzatziki… also a Mr. Souvlaki staple.  Never heard of this day? Well, get ready to add […]

Get Date Night Ready Inside And Out at Vital Cryotherapy

In recent years, Cryotherapy has gained popularity as a trendy wellness treatment for athletes, celebrities, and everyday people seeking relief from various health conditions. Take that, and the rise in popularity of cold plunges for health and wellness, and you may be wondering why everyone’s getting cold lately. At datenight, we tried out three sessions […]

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