A Look Inside Beyond Monet, Toronto’s Immersive Artsy Date Idea


Immersive exhibits and art installations have taken over Toronto and no matter what season you’re in, it’s a great date idea for art lovers and those who need a break for the fast-paced city outside.

Beyond Monet commemorates the artwork of Monet in the age of impressionism. Three different rooms showcase the art with two and three-dimensional displays, light, audio, and a visual show like no other.

Located inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building, the exhibit is easy to find (if you enter from Front St.) and after a couple elevator rides you’re greeted with a large Beyond Monet sign that’s adorned in the iconic Water Lillies design. 

Hidden behind dark doors and large curtains is the first room, with hanging art, quotes, mirrored floors and ceilings, a bridge in the middle of the room, and blue-green hues that immediately calm your senses. You can find people taking photos with the pretty backdrops and aimlessly strolling around taking it all in – we recommend doing both.

Exiting the first room brings you to an ominous hallways, that honestly looked like something out of a haunted house (no scary stuff though, promise!). Music played as we walked to the next destination with silver streamers lit up with blue and red above our heads and lining the halls.

photo by datenightyyz

The final room is the part of Beyond Monet you’ve seen all over the internet; a calming room with 360-degree screens projecting the artist’s work with a Gazebo in the  middle and mirrored stools all around. Families, friends, and couples lounge while admiring that plays around them – for a seemingly long loop that shows off tons of different pieces and animations. 

Famous works that you may notice if you’re a Monet fan include PoppiesImpression: Sunrise, and the iconic Water Lilies series.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Monet himself and have only seen his work a handful of times before visiting, so I was in awe at the variety of pieces that were shown in different colours and tones, communicating different things from romance, to everyday life, calming settings and turmoil. 

This is the perfect place to unplug for just a bit and connect with an appreciation for art, with your inner thoughts, and with the feelings that viewing Monet brings up. There’s definitely something romantic about being inside of this exhibit and you can feel the love and calmness in the air.

When you’re ready to head out, the last stop of the exhibit is their retail shop where you can take a piece of Beyond Monet home with you, whether it’s in a blanket or wearable items, a beautiful candle with proceeds supporting mental health charities, mini versions of the art, everyday essentials, and more. 

We left feeling appreciative and serene, like it was a mini reset where you forget exactly where you were, what time it was, and what work needs to be done. The central location of Beyond Monet has tons of restaurant, cafe, and bar options around so you can finish off your date night with a bite or a drink (and maybe bring out the datenight game to keep those connections flowing)!



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You’ll want to book your visit fast, because it won’t be here forever. Beyond Monet is only in Toronto until March 13, 2022!

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