#ItsDateNight with Melanie and Cressida of Birdie Break

This babysitter app is making date nights easy again!

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We’re sitting down with some amazing Canadians who are dishing on all things datenight. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their businesses and life, advice, and more!

About Birdie Break

Birdie Break was founded in 2017 by Melanie Swerdan (former nanny, favourite Auntie) and Cressida Raffin (Mom of two boys) out of the desire to solve a glaring issue in fast-paced modern society – sourcing exceptional babysitters.

Birdie developed the solution by creating a convenient, mobile app platform that allows parents to find, schedule and pay for babysitters that have been thoroughly screened through our 7 step process:

  1. Social Media Scan
  2. Interview
  3. ID Verification (certn.co)
  4. Online Database SoftCheck (certn.co)
  5. Enhanced Criminal Background Check (certn.co)
  6. CPR/Choking Training
  7. Birdie Sitter School   

M&C: On the flip side, Birdie Break is also a great avenue for babysitters to access another income stream, with the flexibility of being able to do so around their existing schedules or commitments. We have everything from University students, Registered Nurses, Teachers and Daycare Professionals looking for supplementary income on their days off, Stay-At-Home Moms who enjoy the flexibility, and even Grandmothers who just love spending time with little ones! 

Melanie Swerdan and Cressida Raffin, Founders

What started it all

Melanie witnessed her sister’s struggle to find accessible, high-quality babysitters and she wanted to help. She approached long-time friend Cressida, with the concept of an “Uber for Babysitters,” as Cressida was just beginning her journey of becoming a mother herself.

Birdie’s mission is to enable parents to be able to say “YES” to the things in their lives they want, or need to do, without having to worry about finding amazing babysitters for their little ones. 

Let’s talk love languages

M: Lol, I’d say “Words of Affirmation.” It’s nice to hear you’re providing value to the relationship and your efforts are being recognized. 

C: Quality time and Acts of Service. As a mom, there are constant demands on your time and space so being able to spend time with your loved one solo takes a commitment to your relationship. And also makes it that much more special when you can. 

How can Birdie Break improve couple’s date nights?

M&C: Well simply put – we can absolutely make them happen! We can also ensure the regularity and frequency of them by having a large group of sitters on deck. You can even book a “recurring” monthly datenight with the same sitter. 

We can also provide peace of mind while away from your little ones knowing that your family is in competent, responsible, and nurturing company. Enjoy your date night completely… and our favourite part is when the whole family has fun – especially the kids!

When it comes to date night faves

M&C: Birdie is available to parents in these following markets, so let’s share a few from each!

How important is it to have a network of trusted sitters to book on demand?

M&C: It’s paramount. People today lead very busy lives, we want to help save your valuable time and provide the elusive “balance” between parenting, spousal connection and self care. We have recruited a wonderful “Village” to help support your family. 

We’ve had incredible feedback from parents, having completed over 30,000 successful babysitting hours thus far. 

Are you a planner or a last-minute person? At Birdie Break, they accommodate both!

M&C: There is a mix of both [in-advance & last minute requests]. We find the “sweet spot” for the greatest sitter availability is anywhere from two days – one week in advance. 

Although… we often have success on either side of that spectrum – last minute requests (2-4 hours) and up to 2 months in advance (we know there are some very organized parents out there who like to lock in a sitter for their event early!)

Planning some family travel?

M&C: Birdie Break can also be a great resource for family vacations if you are wanting to squeeze in a date night. Our sitters can hang out with kiddos in their hotel rooms while the parents enjoy a solo night. 

Don’t give up double dates!

M&C: Our sitters can watch up to four kids at a time so if you are wanting to go on a double date with fellow parent friends, the kids can get together and have fun with the sitter watching them at one house, and the parents can split the cost of the childcare. 

Download the Birdie Break app here!

Ready to book a date night now that you have a trusted option for babysitting needs? Find amazing date ideas across Canada.

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