What To Pair With That Bubbly You Popped For Date Night


Sparkling wine is associated with many things: weddings, New Year’s Eve, promotions, and anything that deserves to “pop a bottle.” But with the pretty reasonable price point, there’s no saying you can’t make bubbly a date night regular.

Majorly impress your date with the knowledge of these food and sparkling wine pairings (plus, it’s a famous aprodisiac):

Brie cheese

Preparing a charcuterie just got an upgrade if you have sparkling wine in your glass. The creamy texture of the cheese and light flavours complement the light, bubbly sipping experience of sparkling wine.

a wedge of brie cheese
Top your brie with walnuts, honey, jams, bacon, and more!

Shrimp, Shellfish (cold)

Keeping with the theme of light but still flavourful, sparkling wine has the perfect balance of dryness and acidity to complement your shrimp cocktails.

Smoked Salmon

It’s not a coincidence smoked salmon and mimosas are both popular breakfast and brunch options.

Fruit-Based Desserts

The theme of sparkling wine and food pairings is to complement the bubbles and dryness with all around refreshing food. Since it’s a crisp, refreshing drink, your honey-glazed fruit tarts and crepes will make a perfect pairing.

fruit cups
Tarts, mousse, fondue, or yogurt and fruit cups

The last couple pairings are ones we bet you haven’t thought of before! If you’re not sitting down for a dinner or appetizer course and are instead, having some snacks with a movie or binge-watch, try pairing your sparkling wine with:

Buttered Popcorn

Especially with sparkling wines made from Chardonnay, buttered popcorn pairs so well. The rich taste of Chardonnay and the bubbles keep this snack light while not compromising the flavour in the wine or in the snack.

Shortbread Cookies

This is a surprising and fun pairing to bring out.  The acidity in the sparkling wine cuts through the rich butter of the cookie and makes for an enjoyable end to a meal, or for perfect evening snacking.

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