Chapman’s New Cherry Peach Passion Sorbet Is the Perfect Flavour for Sweet Date Nights


Chapman’s Ice Cream is easily a nostalgic and beloved Canadian staple in freezers across the country. Over the years, they’ve added even more to their iconic line-up including frozen yogurts, and Sorbet!

Having a summer full of date nights and Chapman’s means enjoying the sun, cooling down with family and friends, and bonding over some delicious scoops. Now, you can do the same thing with the sorbet-lovers in your life with Chapman’s new Cherry Peach Passion Sorbet!

photo by Chapman’s Canada

Cherry Peach Passion delivers on all the fruity and sweet flavours you love in your date night desserts.

This refreshing Sorbet is made with real fruit purees of passion fruit, peach and sweet cherry to create a summer medley with every bite. We can’t promise you won’t want to steal your date’s Sorbet, too!

The good stuff

Chapman’s ice cream treats are made with everyone in mind – from those who have allergies, are avoiding lactose, to those who are looking for lower-calorie and fat-free options.

The Cherry Peach Passion Sorbet is gluten-free, lactose-free, made in a peanut/nut-free facility, free of artificial colours and flavours, and part of Chapman’s Sustainable Initiative (in which they’re certified for).

Where to find them

You’ll be able to find Cherry Peach Passion Sorbet lining the freezers of your local stores all across Canada! Keep an eye on their website for a full list of stores carrying the flavour throughout the season.

Stockists include:

  • Adonis (Ontario)
  • Atlantic Superstore (Atlantic)
  • Coppa Fresh Market (Ontario)
  • Dominion (Atlantic)
  • Foodland (Ontario, Atlantic)
  • FreshCo (Ontario, West)
  • Highland Farms (Ontario)
  • Independent Food Town (Ontario, Edmonton, Vancouver)
  • Loblaws (across Canada)
  • Lumsden (Saskatchewan)
  • Mike Dean’s (Ontario)
  • No Frills (Atlantic, Ontario)
  • Real Canadian Superstore (Ontario)
  • Sobeys (Ontario, Atlantic, West)
  • Safeway (West)
  • Thrifty Foods (British Columbia)
  • Valumart (Ontario)
  • Vince’s Market (Ontario)
  • Your Independent Grocer (Ontario)
  • Zehrs (Ontario)
photo by Chapman’s Canada

Ready to stock up on this delicious new flavour? Head to your local store, then check us out here for date ideas to pair with your delicious Sorbet!

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