Chapman’s Ice Cream Releases New Super Premium Plus to Put a Luxury Spin on Date Nights

Chapman's Super Premium Plus

Chapman’s is helping you step up your date night ice cream game with their new line of Super Premium Plus ice cream! They took some of their traditional ice cream flavours that Canadians know and love, and reinvented them for a luxuriously creamy and rich taste to seriously impress your taste buds (and your date).

Flavours such as Vanilla Trilogy, Cold Brew Coffee, Cherry Chocolate Truffle, and more offer a mix of classic and fresh favourites for your fancy date nights in.

See below to meet all the new flavours in this collection!

New Super Premium Plus flavours include:

Vanilla Trilogy

Vanilla Trilogy gets its name from a unique blend of vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti, and Papua New Guinea. All ingredients are responsibly sourced. The blend creates an elevated vanilla experience that is sure to impress hard-core vanilla ice cream lovers.

Salty Caramel Crunch

Salty Caramel Crunch blends salty caramel ice cream with a ripple of salty caramel sauce, butter toffee pieces and a caramel cookie crunch.

Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar ice cream is truly an adventure for your taste buds! Brown butter flavoured ice cream loaded with oatmeal cookie crumble, chocolate cookie chunks and cookie dough pieces. There’s a surprise in every bite with this pleasant cookie extravaganza.

Cherry Chocolate Truffle

Cherry Chocolate Truffle is carefully crafted to offer the perfect balance for your taste buds. Enrobed in an elegant cherry ice cream, sweet black cherries and decadent chocolate truffle chunks create a decadent combination.

Chocolates & Brownies

Chocolate & Brownies is an exceptional combination of flavours made to appeal to anyone who loves chocolate.

With both white and chocolate brownie pieces and swirled with a brownie batter ripple, this ice cream takes chocolate indulgence to a whole new level!

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee goes beyond the standard ice cream definition. Made with cold brew coffee from Birch Bark Coffee Co., an Indigenous-owned business, this is the first co-branded product ever launched by Chapman’s.

Beyond Chapman’s supporting a local Indigenous business, this collaboration brings much more to the table! A portion of the proceeds from this flavour will be donated to clean drinking water initiatives for Indigenous homes across Canada.

The Only Strawberry

The Only Strawberry is the best berry ice cream to grace your spoon, and it’s as sweet as your date! Velvety vanilla ice cream filled with real strawberries creates a creamy delight with a sweet and aromatic flavour sensation.

Chocolate Lover

Chocolate Lover is not your average chocolate ice cream. Rich dark chocolate flavours meld with hints of Indonesian and Madagascar vanilla for an indulgent ice cream experience for those passionate about the very best chocolate.

Allergy-friendly ice cream dates

One of the standout features of the Super Premium Plus line is its allergy-friendly ingredients! Chapman’s is one of the few luxury ice cream brands in the world to make their ice cream peanut-free, nut-free, and egg-free!

Additionally, the brand uses only 100% Canadian dairy, ensuring that the ice cream is of the highest quality.

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