Daydream is the Perfect Infused Drink to Clear Your Mind


Have you heard the news? Daydream is an infused sparkling water that’s beautifying Canadian fridges with their all-too-pretty pastel cans. This fizzy AF adaptogen-infused refresher (born right here in Toronto!), is on a mission to help you live a creative, calm life. 

Daydream is a cotty favorite of ours! Each can contains no sugar, or caffeine (so say goodbye to the 3 p.m. burnout), and they can make a great addition to your cocktails. On a booze-break? Daydream is a great alcohol alternative. It’s a deliciously herbaceous bevvy that satisfies. The best part? 10 calories and no hangover. It’s the calming functional beverage you didn’t know you needed, and comes in three delicious flavours: peach  ginger, blackberry chai and cucumber lime.

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Craving more Daydream info? Let’s start with what’s inside every can: adaptogens. So, what are adaptogens? They’re any natural substance that helps the body manage stress. They bring you balance, no matter what life throws your way. We’re looking at you back-to-back-to-back Zoom meeting survivors. Even you can find calm between calls.  

How Daydream helps

The plant-based adaptogens — hemp, schisandra, moringa, ginseng — aren’t just good for our souls (gotta love sippable zen), but they’re also body boosters, helping our endocrine system rebalance. Plus, the schisandra and moringa also fight inflammation, making Daydream the perfect post-workout bevvy. Popular go-to mood boosters like running and yoga help anyone avoid insanity, but Daydream gives that extra push to get you back to feeling like yourself.

Bring Daydream on your date night

Daydream is a great alcohol alternative. But for those of us who aren’t taking a boozy break, you can also use it as a delicious mixer!

Why not give your favourite classic cocktail a plant-powered, modern twist? Daydream pairs perfectly with gin, and is a naturally sweet alternative to tonic, which usually contains over 30 grams of sugar (Daydream, meanwhile, is only 10 cals and boasts 0 grams of sugar).

A Simple Gin & Daydreams 

1oz Gin
Cucumber & mint – top with cucumber lime Daydream  

Use Daydream for a fizzy and calming drink mixer.

Where: Visit their site where the 6 pack sampler is only $28.99 after their 15% sign up bonus…. and all orders have free shipping. (Now that’s refreshing)

Daydream is also available at select grocery stores & retailers. Check out their store locater here & remember to revisit often as they update the page with new stores monthly.

Happy Daydreaming!

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