Experience the Wonder of a Little Canada for Date Night


There’s something magical about seeing the miniature versions of your favourite places.

Have you ever wanted to take a glance at Canada from the view of a giant? Well, we can’t make you bigger, but Little Canada can bring a miniature version of the country right to your doorstep.

Situated just off of Yonge-Dundas Square and marked with a colourful entryway, Little Canada takes you off the streets of Toronto and into a miniature version of landmarks and cityscapes from all over the country.

The Little Canada experience is a beautiful, immersive 90-minute adventure through the sights, sounds and stories of Canada – only a lot smaller!

This is the perfect place to check out for a unique date night, with the family, or with loved ones visiting Toronto or Canada.


A trip to Little Canada will bring you on a whirlwind of a Canadian road trip; not only do you cross a variety of regions, cities, famous landmarks and provinces, you will also travel through the seasons.

Little Canada includes stops in:
  • Little Niagara – As you walk through customs, you’ll enter Little Niagara and hear the majestic roar of Horseshoe Falls. Take a nostalgic trip up Clifton Hill all the way to Ontario’s wine country of Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  • Little Toronto – Take a trip to the big city and enter Little Toronto. You’ll be greeted with the impressive skyline lit with 30,000 twinkling LED lights as you explore the many famous landmarks that are just outside the walls of Little Canada.
  • Little Golden Horseshoe – Venture along the infamously busy Highway 401, you’ll see the familiar regions and landmarks of Southwestern Ontario set behind a beautiful display of autumn colours. We love summer, but we can’t help but get in our fall feels after seeing this!
  • Little Ottawa – If you’re a Torontonian who hasn’t visited Ottawa in real life, then give yourself a small dose at Little Canada. The true north capital has a lot to offer, like the breathtaking view of the Parliament buildings and the celebration of cultures throughout.
  • Petit Québec – Speak the language of love with your date as you wander into the European-influenced Petit Québec. Experience the magic of la belle province with its cobblestone streets and architecture set in a winter wonderland.

At Little Canada’s Littlization Station, you and your date will be available to turn yourselves into a Little Me.

You’ll never have to leave Little Canada because your ‘Little Me’ that’s scanned and 3D printed will be an official Little Canadian by being placed somewhere in their miniature world.

We can’t think of anything more romantic!

photo by Jessy & Cesar.

Can’t wait to see more of Canada in a miniature version? These destinations are coming soon to Little Canada!

  • Little North
  • Little East Coast
  • Little Prairies
  • Little Rockies
  • Little West Coast
  • Petit Montreal
photo from little-canada.ca

How Little Canada came to be

Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer, an immigrant to Canada, began learning all of the wonderful things about the country when he would help his children with their school projects. He loved experiencing the wonder of his new country through their eyes.

Inspired by a visit to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, Brenninkmeijer began to develop a vision for a similar miniature world in Canada. In 2011, he quit his job and turned his full attention to fulfilling his dream of building a miniature Canada!

When Brenninkmeijer sent out emails to model railway clubs in the GTA to help bring his vision to life, he met and partnered with Dave MacLean, a University of Toronto-educated civil engineer and two-term president of The Model Railroad Club of Toronto to bring Little Canada to what it is today.

Today, with a team of talented individuals, experts in their respective field, and thousands of working hours, their dream is coming to life and we get to experience it!

Pair a Little Canada date with dinner at one of these restaurants with gorgeous interiors to keep the theme of the day alive!

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