Get Results in 15 Minutes at Toronto’s First Drive Thru COVID-19 Test Centre

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Go Test Rapid is the new, much needed, no appointment necessary drive-thru COVID-19 test centre in Toronto.

If you’ve booked a trip in the past year, or plan to do so, getting that mandatory COVID-19 test before taking off (and before coming back) has become an essential part of your travel planning process. Adding that onto the already long list of things to do before you depart hasn’t been easy, and booking appointments, figuring out where to go, which test to get, and if you’re going to get the results in time is an added stress we didn’t ask for.

If you head on over to 2090 Jane St., (directly off the 401), you’ll find Go Test Rapid; where you can drive up, get a Health Canada approved PCR or Antigen tests administered by registered nurses from the convenience on your car, and go about your day.

What you need to know

It feels like travel rules are changing every day, and if you need a test for your travel plans, it’s reassuring to know that there’s a spot that offers a convenient and flexible experience.

Head over to to register and pay online, then stop by during their business hours (walk-in or drive-thru) to receive your test.

Once you finish taking your test, you’ll get your results digitally within 15 minutes, so you’ll have everything you need by the time you get home from Go Test Rapid!

There’s no more steps, it’s that simple.

Mobile Testing

Go Test Rapid is really the most flexible and convenience option that fits whatever your lifestyle is. If the drive-thru or walk-in options still don’t work for you, they now offer at-home and on-location mobile testing services where trained and certified nurses can come test you in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re an employer or local business who needs to regularly test employees or large group gathering/events, they got you covered too!

For these options, email directly for more information and to set it up.

Tests and Pricing

The Rapid Viral Antigen, aka what you currently need to enter to United States, is $40.00 CAD.

Go Test Rapid also offers PCR tests with results in less 24 hours from $160.00, Rush PCR tests with results in less than 18 hours for $185.00 (not available on weekends), and dual-test options.

Group Rates

If you are traveling with a large group of people, Go Test Rapid can offer a discounted rate and promo code that everyone in your party can use at their convenience! Just have them show up to the site to get tested on their own schedule.

Find Go Test Rapid Across Canada

Toronto is the eighth location in Canada, and you can find their testing centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, Vancouver, and Montreal as well.

For more information on Toronto’s first drive thru testing centre visit

Ready to travel now that you have somewhere convenient and reliable to get your tests done?

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