Toronto’s First Drive Thru COVID Test Centre Now Offers Tele-Tests and Virtual Certification

Now, you don't have to leave your house to get your Go Test Rapid results for travel.

Go Test Rapid entered Toronto as the first-ever, and much needed, drive-thru COVID-19 test centre in the city. As quickly as the times change, so have travel rules and they’re making it easier than ever to get your results.

Now, you don’t have to leave your house to get your Go Test Rapid results for travel – still in as little as 15 minutes!

What you need to know

Don’t grab your keys or get in your car for these results!

Tele-tests (Antigen) are purchased online and shipped to the address of your choosing. Once received, you must schedule a virtual appointment through a website link with a certified Go Test Rapid nurse who will direct you on how to use the testing kit to collect the sample for yourself or a loved one.

This takes under 10 minutes to complete!

If you already have Antigen tests at home and just need those official travel docs to start your vacation, Go Test Rapid has got you with their Virtual Certification. Purchase the certification online (they have options for you to choose your test brand and whether you need a QR Code) and then schedule a call through to get paired up with a certified nurse.

Take your test as directed and receive all the documentation you need via emal to have smooth travels.

Tests and Pricing

The Rapid Viral Nasal Antigen Tele-Test ranges from $60-$65 CAD depending on if you need a QR Code or not.

This includes the test and the certification for one person.

For only the Virtual Certification, these are $30-$35 depending on if you need a QR Code for travel.

This will not include a testing kit, as you will use your own, with the virtual supervision of a certified nurse.

Go Test Rapid also offers in-person PCR tests with results in less 24 hours from $145.00, Rush PCR tests with results in less than 18 hours for $220.00 (not available on weekends), and dual-test options.

Find Go Test Rapid Across Canada

Go Test Rapid ships your testing kits anywhere in Canada, and can send Virtual Certification via email!

For their in-person locations, Toronto is the eighth spot in Canada, and you can find their testing centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, Vancouver, and Montreal as well.

For more information on Toronto’s first drive thru testing centre visit

Ready to travel now that Go Test Rapid has given you the simplest way to test? Check out travel date ideas and more here!

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