We’re ‘Tripping’ Over Gourmet Pizza From a Machine This Long Weekend 

With the long weekend coming up, or ‘May 2-4’ as it has been fondly nicknamed by most of us Canadians, we’re looking forward to getting out of the city!

We’ve personally been up and down Ontario, from Toronto to Buckhorn, Niagara to Muskoka checking out amazing vacation rentals and date ideas in the province, and PizzaForno is a fun stop when you’re on the way to any of your Ontario adventures!

While we really should pack a cooler full of healthy snacks to nibble along the way, let’s face it, making pitstops is part of the journey. Still, traditional deep fried fast food doesn’t exactly make our mouths water. 

Well, good news! We’ve ‘tripped’ over PizzaForno. They’re the only automated pizza machine in Canada that serves up pizzeria style pizza 24/7, ready in three minutes.

They’ve developed a handy map of their kiosks in and around Toronto – with 18 across the cottage corridor (check out the article’s featured image)!

photo by PizzaForno

The best part is their pizzas are made with real ingredients we can pronounce. The dough is made with six simple all-natural ingredients compared to leading pizza chains that use upwards of 13 items, loaded with additives and preservatives. 

Under $10 for a 12-inch pizza all long-weekend!

PizzaForno pizza will (appropriately) be 24% off starting May 20 until May 22 making it well under $10 for a 12-inch pizza.

They come in 7 delicious flavours:

  • BBQ Chicken: blanco cream, Italian cheese blend, BBQ sauced grilled chicken breast, bacon;
  • Honey & Goat Cheese: blanco cream, mozzarella, chèvre, honey, oregano;
  • Meat Lovers: pomodoro sauce, pepperoni, beef crumble, mozzarella, bacon, oregano;
  • Four Cheese: pomodoro sauce, Italian cheese blend, oregano, 
  • Pepperoni: pomodoro sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, oregano;
  • Veggie: pomodoro sauce, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion, button mushroom, black olive, parmesan, oregano; and
  • Hawaiian: pomodoro sauce, ham, mozzarella, caramelized onion, bacon, pineapple, BBQ sauce.

Ready to eat road trip pizza at every stop? Find date ideas across Ontario (and beyond) here!

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