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I ain't afraid of no ghost.
Historic McKay Avenue School

Whether you admit it or not, we are all a little afraid of ghosts. Okay, maybe not all of us, but these places around Alberta are likely to get the hair on your neck to stand up. With chilling stories of ghost encounters, weird sounds, or hearing children singing, each of these spots are sure to be a bone chilling good time. 

East Coulee started to thrive as a community in 1929 when the CPR arrived to service the Atlas and Empire coal mines. The school opened in October 1930 with 4 classrooms for grades 1 through 5, and later adding 4 more classes in 1934. When coal began to phase out in 1952 the attendance at the school began to dwindle, with the town being practically a ghost town by the 70’s. Years later in 1985 the school was restored as East Coulee School Museum.

Over the years visitors and site managers claim to have seen “child-like apparitions”, heard strange sounds and voices like children’s singing.


See the Location

The Bellevue Underground Mine is a historic underground coal mine located in the Crowsnest Pass. You can set foot on an hour-long guided tour to get the full experience. The tours are open from May to September.

A group of paranormal investigators from APTN’s, The Other Side  visited the mine to see what or who else is down there with you along the tour. They experienced areas of high amounts of white noise and had interaction with spirits they believed to be miners. Other have reported flashlights going out suddenly, sounds of a person whistling, children pointing out miners they can see that are not there, and the sound of  mine whistle that was found which had yet to be even set up. 

All of these occurrences may not be surprising given the long and ominous history of the mine, including the Bellevue Underground Mine Disaster of December 1910, which killed 31 men. 



The McKay Avenue school has a rich history from educating the youth to serving as a meeting place for Alberta’s first Legislative Assembly. It is located in downtown Edmonton on a quiet street, overlooking Edmonton’s river valley, on the site is the  historic McKay Avenue School and the 1881 Schoolhouse, built in 1904 and 1881 respectively. The school now allows visitors to tour the halls, embrace the history, and visit the exhibits

There are some freaky stories that have come out of that school, with much of it pointing back to the spirit of a man that died from falling out a window of the building.


The Banff Springs Hotel is probably one of the most famously haunted locations in Alberta. There are reportedly numerous ghosts that wander the halls of the Banff Springs including; a bartender, a porter, a bride, and a bagpiper. 

This YouTube video paints a perfect picture of all the creepiest encounters at the hotel.

The most famous and unsolved mystery is that of room 873. Staff say the room was torn down and the door covered to make a larger suite, but many speculate there are other more creepy reasons. The story goes that a family of 3 stayed in the room, when the father/husband murdered his wife and daughter. After investigations closed, the room was refurbished and put back into service. Guests were awakened by violent screams and bloody handprints on the wall that would reappear after cleaning. 

What do you think? Is floor number 8 at the Banff Springs haunted?

Marmot Basin dates back to the 1920’s when Joe Weiss named Marmot Basin and acted as guide to cross-country skiers from Whistler’s Creek via Caribou Ridge. The first tow rope was installed later in 1961. Marmot now is one of the most popular ski areas in the area and doesn’t appear haunted at a glance. But past employees have said that after all the visitors have gone for the night they have reported seeing ‘ghostly activity’. What they believe to be the spirit of a skier that lost their life in 1964. 


Charles Camsell Hospital

The Charles Camsell Hospital is located at 12815 115 Ave NW, Edmonton and has been abandoned for the past 15 years. Many people have reported seeing creepy activity coming from the building including, flickering lights and screams. 

Do not enter the hospital as there is a large fine for trespassing, but it certainly a creepy one to go check out. 

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