#ItsDateNight with Megan and Christina of Cozy Doe Acres


photo by Erin Leydon.

We’re sitting down with some amazing Canadians who are dishing on all things datenight. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their businesses, advice, and more!

Who they are

Meet Megan and Christina, the couple behind the gorgeous Cozy Doe Acres vacation rental in Buckhorn, ON.

“The absolute most rewarding part of being in the cabin rental business is knowing that we played a part in creating special memories for other couples and families!

Megan & Christina

datenight had the pleasure of staying at Cozy Doe Acres and had an amazing time. We loved everything about the beautiful cottage from the spacious bedrooms perfect for a group getaway, the games garage which we could not get over, and the waterfront area with kayaks that you can take on the calm river.

How it started

Christina: We have been together for about three years, and over those years we have added two cats and a dog to our little family (the most recent addition being Delilah the Sphynx kitten, who we are totally obsessed with)!

Megan is very entrepreneurial and has run an Airbnb at our home since before we started dating. I am a professional ballet dancer, so when I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic we decided that opening another Airbnb would be a great project to keep ourselves busy during quarantine.

We both share a passion for design, and we hope that Cozy Doe Acres will be the first of many projects together.

Let’s talk love languages

Megan: Physical Touch

Christina:  Quality Time

Inside scoop on the first date!

Christina: Our first date was pretty basic. We met up for drinks and dinner at a local pub and played a few rounds of pool.

However, my dad showing up unannounced at the bar with his mountain bike crew was an interesting twist…I was not impressed. But I played it cool and broke the news to Megan that my dad had secretly crashed our first date several months later, and we all had a good laugh!

When it comes to date night faves

Megan & Christina: We’re both big foodies and enjoy checking out trendy restaurants around the GTA. Chúuk in Pickering is one of our favourites.

Dishing on red flags & pet peeves

Megan & Christina: A dirty house (especially bathroom and kitchen) is a huge red flag/dealbreaker. This we can both agree on.  

Ending off with some advice

Megan & Christina: Our best dating advice is to look for a partner who challenges you to be the best version of yourself and wants to see you achieve your goals.

Yes, relationships involve a lot of compromise, but you should never feel like you need to abandon your dreams for the sake of someone else. It’s important to provide a solid foundation of support for each other to grow.

You can book Cozy Doe Acres on Airbnb here!
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