#ItsDateNight at Cali’s Corner with Clint & Charred

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We’re sitting down with some amazing Canadians who are dishing on all things datenight. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their own brands and more!

You can check out Clint & Charlene’s Cali’s Corner pop-up at Hale Coffee for the ultimate café date.

Who they are

Clint & Charlene are the owners of Clint & Charred; a local small business from Toronto making outdoor lounge chairs who LOVE to support local businesses. They recently launched a passion project with Hale Coffee to create the adorable Cali’s Corner, bringing California vibes to the heart of the city.

Charlene and Clint of Clint & Charred.

The story behind Cali’s Corner

C&C: In a nutshell? Imagine having your wedding day go up in flames (actually)! On the morning of our wedding day in Malibu, California, the Woolsey wildfires ignited and forced us to cancel a wedding that we had planned for over a year.

Consequently, California holds a very special place in our hearts. So much so, that we named our baby girl Cali — which in turn inspired the making of this beautiful piece of furniture, the Cali chair or as we call it: “a labor of love”. To commemorate these events, the Yakisugi technique is incorporated into the making of each piece (slightly charring the surface of the wood without combusting the whole piece).

With this chair, we hope to inspire others to brave their own fires and reassure its owners, and all who enjoy its comforts, that “there will be sunshine once all the smoke clears”.

Given the colour options of the Cali chair (Light Roast, Medium Roast and Dark Roast), we thought it would make perfect sense to partner with a coffee shop. Imagine…enjoying your favourite dark roast coffee while lounging in a dark roast Cali chair – sounds heavenly right?
With the help of our friends at Hale Coffee, this cozy vision is now a reality! You can now enjoy the comforts of the Cali chair at the best coffee shop in the city.

Let’s talk love languages

If you know, what are your love languages? If you don’t know your love language you can take the quiz here!

Charlene: Acts of Service

Clint: Words of Affirmation

Let’s go back to your first date

C&C: One of our first dates was at a Raptors Home Opener [game]! We celebrate our anniversary every year on the Raptors Home Opener!

Date nights now look like…

C&C: Too many [date spots] to pick just one! Our favourite date nights include: a night at the movies, going to live music or sporting events, and of course trying out new restaurants just to name a few.

Look out for these red flags

C&C: One big red flag is if the person you’re on a date with gets distracted often. You shouldn’t have to fend for someone’s attention when you’ve already planned and made time for each other…If you notice these signs, it’s probably time to end the date.

What’s your favourite part about being a business in the Toronto community?

C&C: Tapping into the wealth of knowledge from fellow entrepreneurs and finding new and unique ways to support other local businesses; Cali’s Corner is an especially great example of that creativity and collaboration!

Cali’s Corner can be found at Hale Coffee in Toronto.

Lastly, recommend a date spot and/or a piece of dating advice to our readers:

C&C: Cali’s Corner of course! 😉 But all jokes aside, we would recommend trying a place that both parties have not yet visited so that you can experience it together for the first time! Or go for brunch…with mimosas and pancakes, you can’t go wrong! 

As for the advice part, the idea is that whatever you do decide to get into, make it comfortable, fun and memorable for everyone involved and you’re guaranteed a good time!

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