#ItsDateNight with Netflix’s Cheer Squad Cheerleader, Becca Web

becca webster

We’re sitting down (virtually, of course) with some amazing people who are dishing on all things dating. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their own online brands and more.

Who they are

Welcome Becca Webster, a world champion cheerleader, appeared on Netflix’s Cheer Squad, and founder of Digital Marketing Agency Social Motel.

B: I’ve always been passionate about digital/influencer marketing. I was actually featured on a small docuseries called Cheer Squad, that followed my cheerleading team for a year and that’s how I was able to gain a tiny bit of a bigger following.

After that, I just really started focusing on my content and connecting with my audience to eventually build it to what it is now! When I started dating Dee, my following really loved her and our relationship, so we kind of do it all together now. 

Let’s talk love languages

B: My love language is physical touch and words of affirmation and Dee’s is definitely acts of service and words of affirmation! 

About first dates…

B: Our ideal first date would be any type of adventure or experience in a place we’ve never been to before. Our actual first date was a hike up Mount Nemo, where we set up a little picnic at the peak. It was peaceful and felt so removed from the fast paced environment we were both living in – which really allowed us to get to know each other. 

What are your favourite local date spots?

B: Ouuu! Love this question, but also hard to remember where we used to go (it’s been so long).

We definitely love grabbing a cake from Uncle Tetsu’s and eating it in Queen’s Park. We also loved breakfast dates at Starving Artist….a lot of our dates are focused around food haha. Last summer we really enjoyed bringing take out (probably Kinton Ramen) to the Toronto islands and eating it by the water.

Lastly, if you want a fun bar night with your bf/gf go to Duke’s Refresher! It’s awesome.

Do you have a ‘worst date’ story or tip that you want to share?

B: Repeat after me…movie theatres are the WORST place for first dates. Why? because you’re in the dark, so you can’t see each other…you’re literally not supposed to talk, so you can’t get to know each other…and it’s highly likely you run into someone you know, which is always awkward on first dates. 

What’s your favourite part about being a creator in the community?

B: Toronto has SO much to offer content creators. There’s tons of awesome food venues, spots to take great photos, and other creators that are always willing to collab. I love the city!

And to wrap it up, here’s some dating advice, from Becca to you:

“Don’t try too hard. The best dates I’ve ever been on were ones that didn’t cost either of us money! Hikes, walks by the water, and picnics have always provided more meaningful conversation and stronger connections than any expensive restaurant or event ever has for me! 

Also try leaving your phone at home. It honestly allows you to listen to the other person more.“​

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