#ItsDateNight with Chef Charlotte Langley

chef charlotte langley

We’re sitting down with some amazing people who are dishing on all things dating. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their own online brands and more.

Who they are

Welcome Chef Charlotte Langley, the Co Founder and Chef Creator of Scout Canning. She is a 15+ year trained Chef as well as an artist, passionate ocean steward and activist for the environment. Her dream was to create a tinned fish company that put food ethics first, as well as a responsibly sourced food brand.

“I always thought to myself, how can I share my love and passion for delicious and responsible cuisine that not only makes you feel good and it also makes a positive impact on the ocean and waterways.:


Let’s talk love languages

CL: I saw this question and immediately took the quiz! I feel I know (my love language is cooking for you) and according to the quiz, it’s quality time.

Tell us your ideal first date?

CL: I love meeting up in a casual environment, there is already enough stress on a first date. I want to come in feeling confident and comfortable. Let’s start with some soft bubbles and some yummy snacks that have a versatility in offering so we don’t have to worry about making anyone feel uncomfortable about what we both like.

Can we perhaps stroll to a lovely local and sit on a patio before we go to dinner reservations? I want to eat a delicious and thoughtful meal and take the time to get to know someone. After dinner, a little more strolling and back to my place for some romantic vinyl and a digestif.

What are your favourite local date spots?

CL: I love quiet and small patios. I would say Squirly’s [Bar & Grill, on Queen West], I love Forno Cultura, I love Tuck Shop [Kitchen, on Dupont], and I love my backyard that I am so grateful to have.

Share a worst first date story OR a dating pet peeve…

CL: Ohhhhhh I have many worst date stories that I won’t share here… and my only pet peeve for a first date or a date in general is punctuality. My life is managed by time, as I am a cook and everything is timing; being on time is polite and I really appreciate it.

What’s your favourite part about being a creator in the community?

CL: I am so grateful to be creative and explore so many different environments in this space. I am dedicated, passionate and hard working and you can really make your dreams come true if you are committed.

And to wrap it up, here’s some #datenight advice from Chef Char:

CL: My only suggestion is to take a little time to make sure you are able to access the location easily. As is, make a reso, try out your outfits and go as comfortably as you can.

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