#ItsDateNight with Mr. Social Eats and Champagne Ang


We’re sitting down with some amazing people who are dishing on all things dating. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their own online brands and more.

Who they are

Welcome Kiefer and Angelique, a GTA-based couple immersed in the media world; working on all things social media, digital marketing, content strategy and more! They’ve even starting spreading their knowledge to other creators via Instagram and Clubhouse and have been staples in the Toronto foodie community for years.

K: I started MrSocialEats first and it was mainly a passion project that spurred from my love of food; but since then has become so much more and led me to working in this space full-time

A: I initially ran a MissSocialEats page that featured the healthier version of what Kiefer ate; slowly, though, my page transitioned into recipes, beverages, and lifestyle that seemed to fit me better as the years went on.

Let’s talk love languages

K: Acts of Service

A: Quality Time

About first dates…

K: My ideal first date would be going out for some drinks and late-night munchies.

A: Mine would be going out for a delicious meal and being able to get to know each other better. Our actual first date was going out for a seafood boil and drinks.

K: Ang made such a mess that I joked nothing could scare me off after that LOL!

What are your favourite local date spots?

K & A: When looking for a favourite date spot, we’re usually scouting out a local Italian restaurant that has an amazing patio for summer date nights. Our favourite near us is J Red & Co!

What would you say is your biggest dating pet peeve?

K: Mine is having bad breath.

A: When someone tried too hard to impress me instead of just being themselves.

Let’s share some dating advice for the readers…

K & A: Put your phone away and actually listen to your partner. Be present and be genuine. The rest falls in to place!

And to wrap it up, here’s some words about working from home with your partner, together:

“We are more efficient. Because of what we do, and the way we’re in similar industries, we have more time to create and there is always someone there to bounce ideas off of and offer support. Honestly, the pandemic and working from home has been one of our most successful and creative times together. We wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Also we encourage having differences of opinions or challenging each other because in the end it usually results in an even better outcome or quality of work. “

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