Celebrate National Cheap Flight Day on August 23rd

National Cheap Flight Day originated from the consumer trend in which airfares drop in price following the higher-priced summer travel season.

Did you know that August 23rd is officially known as Cheap Flight Day in Canada? Leading online travel agency CheapoAir.ca has been counting down to this holiday by educating travellers on how they can save more on future flights. 

National Cheap Flight Day originated from the consumer trend in which airfares drop in price following the higher-priced summer travel season. Historically, this is the time of year when the summer travel rush is over and airlines are looking to reel in travellers with great Fall and holiday deals (have you seen those Black Friday flight prices?!) 

Want to save more? Here are some insider tips for Canadians to take advantage of:

1. Layovers = Savings

Connecting flights and longer layovers are often more affordable than flying direct. A change in your route could add another city (and some extra sightseeing) to your itinerary.

2. Pick Your Airport

Many destinations have multiple airports and search engines often miss these smaller ones. CheapoAir.ca offers a ‘Nearby Airports’ feature which saves you time and money by finding cheaper flights that are available from different airports.

For example, while Pearson Airport and Billy Bishop airport in Toronto are the most popular and easily accessible; you can also find affordable flight options at Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, or Buffalo International airports as well!

3. Save With Loyalty Programs

Travellers can often save on flights and fees by using loyalty programs. Of note, CheapoAir has a ClubMiles loyalty program that allows you to earn and redeem points for rewards.

4. Pick Flexible Dates

Airline ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week or time of the year. Christmas and summer long weekends are popular travel times and ticket prices may rise.

If you can be flexible, flying off-season can save you hundreds of dollars. 

5. Try Unexpected Destinations

Research alternate flights for the region you want to explore. You can fly into a nearby city with a cheaper flight from your departure point and connect to your desired destination through local transportation. Sometimes the road less travelled can be exciting!

6. Search with the Pros

Not all travel sites are equal and using one that offers bonus discounts could increase how much you’re saving. CheapoAir offers incredible deals and savings on flights, working with hundreds of airlines to deliver the best flight options.

The mission of CheapoAir.ca is to educate and aid consumers and travel professionals in both planning their travel accommodations and staying current on the most popular destinations. Happy National Cheap Flight Day!

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