Celebrate National Shawarma Day With Villa Madina This October 15

Get your very own RokBox on Saturday for just $5!

This National Shawarma Day, Villa Madina is making your shawarma dates even better with their delicious ‘RokBox’ for just $5 (regular size)!

The RokBox is a delicious meal with all the best shawarma flavours, easy to pick-up and take on the go from your local Villa Madina location. Choose between chicken, beef, chicken & beed, or falafel as your RokBox protein.

In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to have a fulfilling and tasty date without dropping a pretty penny, so, to celebrate the awesome foodie-filled holiday of National Shawarma Day, Villa Madina has loaded up on the deals!

Where can you take your $5 RokBox for the ultimate Shawarma Day date?
  • On a fall picnic surrounded by colourful trees
  • Take it home for an at-home movie night complete with mood lighting
  • Pack it up for a pretty hike and eat your shawarma date with a view
  • Fuel up before heading to a fall farm date to find the perfect pumpkin
  • Have a much-needed shopping date lunch break at your favourite mall

Daily Deals

Starting on Wednesday October 12, Villa Madina is offering a NEW daily deal available to shawarma-lovers exclusively when you order online or on their mobile app. These deals include:

  • Wednesday October 12 – Chicken or Falafel sandwich with a bottled pop for $10
  • Thursday October 13 – Chicken or Falafel Saj Platter for $10
  • Friday October 14 – Falafel and salad plate for $10
  • Saturday October 15 aka National Shawarma Day – Any regular-sized RokBox for $5
  • Sunday October 16 – Any Saj Platter and bottled pop for $12
  • Monday October 17 – Two Chicken Shawarma plates for $22
  • Tuesday October 18 – Any two regular-sized RokBoxes for $15

Villa Madina has been serving up their food to shawarma-lovers across Canada since 2004! Their beef and chicken are seasoned with secret Villa Madina spice blends and slowly, evenly roasted to perfection every single time.

Where to find them

Villa Madina has three locations in Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton), 20 in Ontario (Toronto/GTHA, London, Newmarket, and Ottawa), two in Montreal, and a location in Nova Scotia.

This National Shawarma Day deal is available on Saturday October 15, 2022 at every single location across Canada!

post sponsored by Villa Madina.

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