Experience the Heart and Soul of Little Portugal With a Stay at Ode, Toronto’s Newest Boutique Hostel (PHOTOS)

This Black-owned, family-owned hostel is a haven for travellers and locals alike!
ode toronto boutique hostel

Ode is a one-of-a-kind boutique hostel nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of “Little Portugal” aka Dundas St. West in Toronto. Owned by a passionate family with a love for their community, Ode is an escape that celebrates the essence of Toronto’s artistic spirit and vibe.

This space completely flips what you think and know about ‘hostels’ on its head. With such a vibrant area surrounding it, Ode also offers the perfect art-influenced and locally-inspired stay for travellers and locals.

A Love Story with Dundas West

Ode was born out of love for the enchanting street of Dundas West; Toronto’s neighbourhood where old-world charm harmonizes along with contemporary urban life.

The family behind Ode fell head over heels for the neighbourhood’s blend of history and modernity. They envisioned creating a space that would showcase the very best of what their community represents.

Because of this, Ode provides guests with an immersive experience into the pulse of this neighbourhood. Think Portuguese bakeries offering delicious pastel de nata, quaint galleries showcasing local art, and thrift shops filled with delightful treasures.

Have a Date with the Toronto Art Scene

Stepping into Ode is like entering a gallery of artistic expression. Each room has its own personality, designed with local Toronto art thanks to the vision of Alisha Sturino from Studio Otty.

Ode not only celebrates art but supports local artists by commissioning them to create original pieces for each room. Find stunning murals of jungles, ink paintings sourced from Toronto’s streets, and captivating photography, all capturing the spirit of Toronto.

Whether you are a solo adventurer, a romantic couple, or a group of friends exploring the city, Ode has a room that complements your journey.


Each room in Ode has ts own theme, its own furniture, and its own custom art, all commissioned from locals. All rooms have a flat screen smart TV, private bathroom, Nespresso coffee maker, WiFi, and A/C.

The Rooted room is the smallest option at 175 sq. ft. and puts up a fight in the ‘does size matter?’ argument. The orange and yellow art give a warm and friendly feeling to the space, that makes you feel less alone if you’re travelling solo.

Justin Broadbent created the art in this room. 

Unbounded (220 sq. ft.) is a seriously cozy room with a jungle theme and earth tones everywhere. The mural on the wall is hand-painted and you’ll want it to be the backdrop of your next Insta-banger. Feel like you’re immersed in nature with the green hues and soft lamp lighting here. Plus, did you see that cute green kitchenette?

Feel the calming vibes of the Blues (220 sq. ft.) room that’ll help you settle in for a peaceful sleep. This room will give you Scandifornian (alternatively, Californdinavian) vibes in the best way possible. Think cool, chic, natural, with a clean futuristic feel.

The Toronto Ink Company is the artist behind the piece in this room.

Stay in the Modernist (230 sq. ft.) room if you’re feeling some seriously sensual vibes. Check out the art piece above the bed by local artist Jah Grey and you’ll see what we mean.  The room is also adorned with mood lighting and a comfy queen size bed to lounge on after a long day of exploring the city.

The Global room is the largest option at 260 sq. ft. with one queen bed ideal for 2 people. The room overlooks Dundas St. W and is an ode to their favourite street in the city. Recommended for people who love cities and their sounds.

Artist Gillian Toliver created the art in this room. 

Meet Me on the Roof

Ode‘s gathering place can be found on the roof. A breathtaking view and serene escape, the rooftop is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Sip coffee during tranquil mornings, unwind, or work remotely under the Toronto sun in the afternoons. It doubles as a venue for private parties and events as well (hint hint, weddings, engagement parties, proposals, etc.).

Date ideas near your stay

Ode isn’t only a place to stay, but your friend and travel guide during your time on Dundas West. 

Some places they recommend to dine nearby include The Federal, Foxley, OddSeoul, and El Rey Mezcal Bar.

For an ice cream date go to Death in Venice Gelato.

Or an evening cocktail? Midfield Wine Bar, Loveless Cafe, Hoof Cocktail Bar, and Mahjong Bar.

If visiting new neighbourhoods, or being a tourist in your own city is a fave date idea of yours, put this on your list! Next, start planning all the cool spots you’re going to check out while you’re there! Let us help you, with these top Toronto patios from your list?

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