Our Top 10 RTD Summer Drinks in Ontario

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There’s nothing like cracking open a cold one on a hot day; and we’re lucky to have so many RTD summer drinks to choose from this summer at stores, breweries, wineries, restaurants, and more around Ontario!

Whether you’re heading to a local beach, camping, cottage weekend, going on a picnic, or having a date night in, these summer drinks are both refreshing, delicious, and available in stores and for delivery across the province.


Coined as Canada’s first sparkling water infused with hemp extract & adaptogens, this is the perfect drink-with-benefits. Have it straight up for the calming benefits that adaptogens like ginseng, moringa, and hemp give you, or use it as a mixer with your favourite spirit! Peach Ginger Gin Soda, anyone?

Where you can find it: Buy it online or find it at one of their stockists!

Bangarang Hard Seltzer

We can all agree that this year has been the year of the seltzers, right? Everyone can appreciate an all-natural and low-cal seltzer, and it’s a bonus that it’s proudly made in London, Ontario! This summer will definitely include blue raspberry seltzer slushies at the beach to cool off.

If your date is a beer-lover, Bangarang also just launched a Strawberry Lemonade beer that is refreshing and delicious for a day under the sun!

Where you can find it: Shop online for home delivery, or find Bangarang at your local Beer Store.

Babe Wine

Not only do these fun cans have a HUGE personality, following along with @babecanada on their Instagram page feels like following a best friend (and they’d be very proud if your date brought you Babe). In Ontario, it’s available in Grigio with Bubbles and Rosé with Bubbles. Pairs perfectly with bestie dates and tanning in the backyard on a Saturday afternoon.

Where you can find it: At your local LCBO (you can shop their merch online)

Staring Down the Sun Clementine Sour

Beer lovers and beer-not-so-much’ers alike can agree this looks and sounds delicious, and a. great option for summer drinks with some extra flavour. Muddy York is an award-winning small-batch brewery located in East York, and they’d produced a beer that “balances the tangy sweetness of clementine with the tart acidity of a sour ale.”

Where you can find it: Shop online or find it at select LCBO locations.

Cottage Springs Vodka Water

Sometimes, you don’t feel like dealing with all the bubbles in those carbonated summer drinks, we get it. If you’re not ready to burp around your date, Cottage Springs’ vodka waters are perfect for casual sipping. Crisis averted!

Where you can find it: Available at LCBOs across the country (click to shop their merch)

Good Sunday Lemon Gin Soda

They’re right, a lemon gin soda WOULD make a Sunday good. The name already sounds incredibly refreshing, and a perfect base for a summer full of fun cocktails. How will you and your date drink it: over ice, in slushies, as freezies, part of a fancy cocktail? The possibilities are endless.

Where you can find it: Shop at LCBO, or for more local deliveries you can order on Runner or The Beer Guy.

Hey Y’all Hard Iced Tea

The nostalgic taste of refreshing iced tea and iced green tea takes alcohol form in Hey Y’all. From an active afternoon to a cozy evening around a beach fire we love these not-too-sweet drinks.

Fingers crossed their other roster of flavours cross the northern border because they sounds delicious, too (Carolina Watermelon Iced Tea anyone?

Where you can find it: Head to the LCBO to find these in Ontario.

Paradise Grapevine

Craft the best Toronto date around Bloor West that includes stopping into this wine bar-turned-bottle shop for their iconic wines that have a taste (and label) that screams summer. Not only do they carry delicious imported wine, but make their own in the form of vibrant Riesling, crisp Rosé, and fruity spritzers.

Major points if you grab a few of these for your date!

Where you can find it: Shop online or head over to 841 Bloor St W, Toronto

Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz

One of the small joys of summer is drinking an Aperitivo Spritz on a patio. If you’re staying in or heading out to spend some time in nature instead, Distilleria Amalfi has bottled these delicious drinks for an easy to-go burst of refreshing citrus.

Where you can find it: Available at the LCBO

Mott’s Clamato Caesar

If you like your drinks with a little umami in it, you might be a caesar lover. You probably don’t care if your date turns up their nose at your choice of cocktail (and in a few months time, they’ll love it too). We love the Works tallboys, more caesar less work for us!

Where you can find it: Available at the LCBO in a variety of styles

Know a delicious summer drink that we should add? Let us know!

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