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We’re sitting down (virtually, of course) with some amazing people who are dishing on all things dating. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their own online brands and more.

Who they are

Welcome Daniel, an Ontario-based Digital Content Creator (@dothedaniel) and the owner of DoTheDaniel.com – a Canadian lifestyle blog that follows his day to day life.

D: I got started in the industry eight years ago all because of my husband Julio Reyes, founder of FASHIONIGHTS.com (@fashionights). Before meeting him I had no idea what a blogger was, as I had gone to Carleton University for media studies and mass communication. After falling in love with him, I did the same with the industry shortly afterwards and quickly grew my audience using my degree and marketing experience. At one time I had 15 staff writing for me around the world, and today it’s back to just me working towards having children with my husband.”

Let’s talk love languages

D: As a typical Libra, I’m half physical touch, half quality time. I am a person who loves connection and intimacy.

About first dates…

D: My first date with my husband was nothing special, I invited him over to the home I was renting with a few friends for some cheese and dollar store crackers. We talked, laughed, watched some TV and really connected. I didn’t have much then, but I did everything I could to make the night special for him. 

What are your favourite local date spots?

D: Anything food related makes me happy, and I’m quite adventurous with no dietary restrictions, so something I’ve never experienced before is preferred. That being said, there’s something for grabbing a bottle of wine and sitting in the sun on the waterfront with my dog to just be present and in the moment. 

Do you have a ‘worst date’ story that you want to share?

D: Omg I’ve had too many to count. I can tolerate most things but a bad kisser is a deal breaker for me. Or someone that can’t carry a conversation. No thank you! 

What’s your favourite part about being a creator in the community?

D: I love that it allows me to express myself and share my life with so many followers and readers. I’ve traveled the world, worked with almost every brand you can think of, and one day I hope to publish a book about my experiences in this crazy and ever changing industry. Fingers crossed!

And to wrap it up, here’s some Do The Daniel dating advice…

“Remember to be present when you’re trying to get to know someone, and don’t take social media so seriously. Yes I love being a creator but there’s a lot about me that my husband gets and that I keep private. People share what they want you to see. 

And try to always do something kind for that special someone, just because. They’ll remember you that way.”

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