PORTA Brings Restaurant-Quality Dinner Dates to Your Table with Ontario’s First Italian Meal Delivery Service


Meal kits and delivery services have been increasingly popular in Ontario over the past couple of years, but we never thought we’d be preparing restaurant-quality pasta and pizza from the culinary team behind Terroni in our own homes; thanks to PORTA now we can!

Dinner dates used to mean booking a reservation and heading out to a restaurant for an evening on the town. Now, you can have your classy and delicious dinner dates in the comfort of your kitchen in just minutes, without sacrificing quality!

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PORTA expands the same high-quality food Cosimo Mammoliti serves at his restaurants (TerroniSud Forno, Spaccio) and delivers it directly to the doors of Italian food lovers in over 50 cities and towns across Ontario.

how it works

PORTA is an Italian meal delivery subscription service. A Small plan will allow you to pick six items for your boxes, while a Medium (the most popular plan) fits nine items, and a Large fits 15 items. We love the variety because it allows you to try a couple different flavours of pizzas, pastas, and desserts!


For the PORTA subscription, customers will be able to choose whether they want their food every week, every two weeks, or every three and four weeks. You can customize this to fit your life whether you need frozen pizzas ready to go on a weekly basis, or for a monthly dinner date with your love.

You’re also able to pause, skip, or cancel the subscription anytime!

They have a selection of pizzas that include Margherita, Carmela (with truffle oil and mushrooms), Peppino (their bestseller), Rosa (the chef’s fave, with ‘nduja and eggplant) and more!

To add onto your pizza order, you can select the perfect portion of pasta for two people. The box comes with the pasta and sauce stored separately so you can cook them up for your dinner date and have the best quality. Choose from eight selections of pasta including spaghetti, penne, ravioli, and tagliatelle with a variety of sauces.

Finish off your dinner date with something sweet and choose a dessert like Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, Panna Cotta, and the chef’s favourite, Butterscotch Budino.

Once you choose and order, you don’t have to do anything until your box comes! The PORTA team will deliver the box of frozen and temperature-regulated pastas, pizzas, sauces, and desserts right to your door on the day of your choosing.

Once you unpack your box, you’ll want to store everything in the freezer until you’re ready to eat it. Then, just follow the instructions to defrost and prepare your food for your Italian dinner date night! The pasta just needs to be boiled, while the sauces need to be heated up in a saucepan (some with water added); while the pizzas can be heated up in the oven.

Regardless of what you want to make from your PORTA box, your delicious and savoury dinner will be ready in minutes!

Order your first PORTA box and see what we mean; this pairs perfectly with romantic conversation, your favourite show, and your favourite person (or people) beside you.

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