Project InTandem Debuts a Bold New Dance Production at Calgary’s Fluid Fest this October!

project intandem

photo by Tim Nguyen

The Calgary based contemporary dance collective Project InTandem has commissioned an exciting evening of dance debuting at The GRAND on October 20th & 21st (7pm) at the Fluid Festival. If you and your date love all things dance and art, this is a perfect idea for you!

The Project InTandem production platform has been a staple in Calgary’s contemporary dance scene since 2017.

As female dance artists who are boldly venturing to make waves in the prairie region, we view the Project InTandem platform as a vehicle to express our voices and enrich our community. We are passionate for contemporary dance to thrive in Calgary.

Meghann Michalsky & Sylvie Moquin (InTandem producers)

The double-bill dance production features a duet by LajaMartin from Salt Lake City (USA) and a quintet by Karissa Barry from Vancouver.

LajaMartin’s work is inspired by the duality of fire’s ability to create and/or destroy. The work explores this concept of what it feels like to ride the edge of extremes asking the question: can we live in harmony or are we destined to continue craving chaos?

Karissa Barry’s work combines highly technical, precise physicalities with intuitive responses to create dance that is charged with physical power and intricate artistry.

photo by Tim Nguyen

There’s two new works in the show:

1. Fated

Riding the edge of duality, Fire (as a personified two-person character) is a conduit to explore the extremes that exist within ourselves and our reality. In a world where we destroy as we create hypocrisy is staring us boldly in the face asking, Will there ever be a breaking point to enact real, palpable change?

“On trial” for earth’s apocalyptic inferno, Fire defends themselves by questioning the systems that set the trap for this inevitable annihilation in the first place. Hopelessness, exhaustion and rebellion launches the character(s) into a state of chaos while a deep desire for a new kind of freeing future develops and arises from the ashes. 

Fated is choreographed by Laja Field of LajaMartin, with original music composition by Martin Durov.

2. co/exist

“co/exist” explores transformation in both the individual and the group, the intersect of energetic exchanges, and how we navigate relationships through function & dysfunction as independents and a collective. What kinds of emotional resonance do we imprint on one another, and what does that mean for our spiritual evolution?

co/exist is choreographed by Karissa Barry.

In the show, you will see breathtaking movement by the featured dancers including Sylvie Moquin, Meghann Michalsky, Reese Wilson, Kaili Che, and Karissa Barry.

Fluid Fest

Fluid Fest runs all the way from October 20 – 29th and is Calgary’s premier art, movement, and dance festival. This year’s these: Honesty is the Body.

You can find the full Fluid Fest schedule here!

Follow Project InTandem on Instagram for highlights of the creative process! For more date ideas to pair with this epic show, check out Calgary here.

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