Crafty Ramen Is Perfect for Cozy Date Nights In


You could cook up some Mr. Noodles for a date and hope they don’t notice it came from a bag, or, you can have a fun DIY ramen date with Crafty Ramen’s  fresh, house-made ramen kits. They currently deliver to more than 40 cities throughout Toronto, the GTA, and beyond.

Each kit comes with pre-portioned ingredients including noodles, broth, vegetables, and easy-to-follow instructions. There’s a diverse lineup of meat and vegan bowls inspired by different regions of Japan to choose from.

DIY Ramen for a fun date night in

Simple online ordering lets customers choose single kits or a Fresh Ramen Subscription which sets up regular ramen delivery for those seriously committed to the ramen life.

The story behind Crafty Ramen is a good one, too. Founders Miki and Jared met in Vancouver after Miki had moved from Japan to learn English there. Together, they then moved to Japan, and attended the Yamato School of Ramen together. After touring the country in search of the best ramen shops, they returned to Canada, and opened the first Crafty Ramen in Guelph in 2017. There’s now locations in both Guelph and Kitchener.

Comes with all the ingredients you need for a delicious ramen meal.

Enjoy this perfect comfort food and that’s best when eaten (and prepared) in good company, which is why it’s one of our favourite date ideas.

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