Check Out the All-New Secret Menu at This Year’s CNE

presented by Dairy Farmers of Ontario!

You know that the Canadian National Exhibition is popular for the unofficial end of summer celebrations; from the Midway to live performances and concerts, to shopping and of course – the epic food items that get whackier by the year.

From ice cream to cheeseburgers, and even deep fried butter, the CNE is home to some of Canada’s favourite carnival foods.

This summer, to celebrate these extraordinary treats, Dairy Farmers of Ontario presents the CNE’s Secret Menu, providing you with mouth-watering foods made with high-quality, local Ontario dairy.

The dairy products enjoyed in many of your favourite treats, as well as those included in some of the CNE Secret Menu options, are produced by local dairy farming families who are proud to supply fresh, great tasting dairy to the communities they live and work in across Ontario.

Check out the secret menu here!

Skoreo Cheesecake Chimney Cone

Freshly baked chimney cone, rolled in oreo crumble, filled with premium vanilla soft serve ice cream, layered with house-made salted caramel, cheesecake, Skor and crumbled Oreo.

Topped off with more caramel, chocolate sauce, Skor and a full Oreo cookie.

Food Building booth name: Eva’s Original Chimneys

Peach Mango Spice Cream Crunch

Ice cream with a tabasco sweet & spicy sauce garnished with tajin & red chili flakes.

Food Building booth name: Caf EH T.O.

The Cinnabon Swirler

A frozen custard Sundae made with local Ontario Dairy featuring Cheesecake Factory Cinnabon Cheesecake, hot caramel and Nutella chocolate drizzle topped with fresh whipped cream.

Food Building booth name: Dolce Inc.

TOT’so NYC Chopped Cheesy

Chopped ground beef, melted cheese, grilled onions topped w/ith shredded lettuce, pickled chilis and diced tomatoes, all on top of crispy fried tater tots. 

Optional ketchup, mayo & hot sauce.

Food Truck: Get Your Own Taters

Deep Fried Churro Pickle

A dill pickle dipped in churro batter and deep fried.

Food Truck: CORNehCOPIA

Beavertails Brownie Cheesecake & Cinnamon Bun 

Brownie Cheesecake comes with cheesecake base, brownie + white chocolate bits with chocolate drizzle; while “Cinnamon Bun” is cinnamon sugar drizzled with vanilla icing.

Food Building booth name: Beavertails

Root Beer Whiskey BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich

Our signature fried chicken tossed in a root beer and whisky BBQ sauce, topped with house slaw.

Food Building booth name: Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken 88

Perfectly crispy fried chicken tossed in a homemade Hakka sauce with garlic aioli and green onion. A perfect blend of Indian spices and Chinese flavour makes this a Hakka favourite.

Food Truck: 6spicerack

Mango Dragon Fruit Twist

Made with REAL fruit purees, it’s like a Starbucks refresher in soft serve form.

Food Building booth name: Yogen Früz

Are you obsessed with fun and unique eats and trying new things with you date? You’ll want to try out this year’s CNE Secret Menu!

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