Date Night at Sensei Bar

Check out their Sake 101 classes for a unique date!

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We know you’re going to like this date night. When Sensei Bar arrived on the scene this summer, it made a lasting impression with their intimate cocktail bar vibes and modern “rebellious” take on Asian fare.

Tucked away just steps from 17th Avenue’s nightlife, their intimate and urban space welcomes you all late-afternoon and evening long (and they’re open late)!

While the menu isn’t the largest, the small-but-mighty dishes are the perfect accompaniments to their sake list and our curated cocktails – easy enough to try them all.

The fusion menu offers delicious food influenced by classic French cooking and techniques infused into typically Korean and Taiwanese dishes.

The bao

Possibly the gems of the menu: their bao. These little delicious, light and fluffy clouds are flavouful and make the perfect shareables and snacks for a date night. are filled with so much flavour they’ll make your tastebuds dance.

The five baos to choose from include:

  • Little “Mac” with AAA Alberta beef, cheddar, secret sauce, onion, butter pickle, and lettuce
  • BBQ pork with pork belly, hoisin, marinated chilies, and pickled cucumber
  • Chicken Confit with crispy thigh, burnt leek & cabbage, wasabi mayo, cherry, and spiced port glaze
  • Tempura Maitake with miso pineapple mayo, kimchi, tarragon carrot, and cilantro
  • Ebi Prawn with kohlrabi, anise sweet soy, scallion, and sesame

Have a sake date with their Sake 101 class

Whether you are a beginner looking for something unique to try for date night, or a seasoned sake lover, these are perfect to try!

Their International Sake Sommelier, Amane Kanai, takes guests through an informative and interactive Sake 101 class about the many different sakes available from all over Japan.

Sake is one of the world’s most complex beverages and it all begins with rice. Just how wine is made from grapes, Sake is made from a variety of rices, each with their own unique characteristics and subtleties.

You and your date will learn everything from ingredients, brewing process, various grades, styles and regional characteristics of each sake – and become your own “sensei”.

Order now or make reservations here for your Sensei Bar date!

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